RPCS3 founder gives new update on PlayStation 4 emulator RPCS4


DH, the founder of the popular PlayStation 3 emulator RPCS3, has given an update on his new project today via the official RPCS3 Twitter account. The Tweet shows a small progress update on RPCS4, a PlayStation 4 emulator. According to the Tweet, DH has not worked on RPCS3 since 2016 and his new team has no overlap with the RPCS3 team, meaning it shouldn't halt development on that emulator. RPCS4 is still early enough in development that it doesn't have a website yet, and in another Tweet, the RPCS3 devs denounce the RPCS4.com website as "fake," and tell users "do not fall for scams." RPCS4 should also not be confused with PCSX4, another well-known fake PlayStation 4 emulator.

This announcement comes only a week following the revival of Spine, another PlayStation 4 emulator on Linux that is showing serious promise. While RPCS3 is by far the most popular PlayStation 3 emulator, the early arrival of Spine onto the scene may give RPCS4 a bit more competition.

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