Ron975' NDS Homebrew Icon+Descrpition Service

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    Dec 10, 2009
    Doesn't it Bug you when you find out that the new homebrew you downloaded doesn't have an Icon or a Description?
    Or maybe the homebrew folder of your flashcart is filled with "PaLib Projects".
    I will add a relevant icon and description to those roms, providing the download link, CRC Hash and some info if possible, like the name, creator etc. Or I will google it.

    This service will be provided free of Charge and on a firstcome first serve basis,if you are not satistfied with your icon or description, send me a image of you want to make the icon and I will update it.

    I've done some already, so I zipped it up
    Download it here
    Everlasting Love 0.2
    Everlasting Love 0.3
    Twin Isles
    Online Jukebox
    Lemmings DS 7.04
    Brix DS 3.0
    World of Sand 0.1

    I can choose to add descriptions at any time I want , so please be patient if your favorite homebrew isn't here yet.

    Please fill out the request like this

    Name : Hello world homebrew
    Link to download :
    creator : Joe Smith
    Version : 1.0
    optional: suggested icon