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    Rominator v5.0
    DS ROM manager by hankchill
    hankchill has written in to let us know that he has updated his NDS ROM manager 'Rominator' to version 5.0. Rominator is a full featured NDS ROM manager with a ton of options and features, so if you've yet to try it out, give it a shot! Local download and change-log is below.[title:Rominator v5.0]- Complete Code Overhaul! Rominator is now better than ever! Much faster, more compact, more features, just overall pure awesomeness [​IMG]

    - Rominator now has a sporty new icon [​IMG]

    - Data is now stored in a folder called Rominator Data, which resides in the SAME FOLDER as Rominator -- This means you can put it on a USB stick and take it with you, preserving your settings. It also means you must start your library FRESH, so don't try and copy your old one over--It WILL crash!

    - Main window is more compact, details has been placed in a separate optional window. Details window will hug main window though when moved or resized.

    - Flash cards auto-mount, no more scanning for them

    - Space available on library/card is now shown in the games list

    - Action buttons have been removed, replaced by a Actions Button with a dropdown menu.

    - Message Bar is a lot more robust now, and easier seen. Plus, when you select a list, it'll show how many games are in the list, as well as how much space they used. When you highlight games, it will show the total amount selected.

    - Game Saves are now separate files, with a new save manager.

    - Box Art is now separate as well (not in a database), so you can choose your own box arts if wanted.

    - Find field now hidden, and activated through Edit -> Find.

    - Biggest new feature: Rominator Toolbox! The toolbox features multiple Rom Utilities, and can be expanded to as many tools as needed! The following tools are available in the toolbox to start:
    - Save Manager
    - Game Reviews
    - Box Art Manager
    - Statistics
    - Rom Queue
    - Rom Validator
    - And by popular request, Rom Trimmer

    - As a result of the Rom Trimmer being in Rominator now, DSClippers has been discontinued.

    - More bug fixes!

    [​IMG] Download for Windows | Linux | MAC OS X
    [​IMG] Official Discussion Thread
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