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    Jul 11, 2006
    United States
    Rominator v2008.8
    ROM Managing Software
    hankchill has updated his ROM manager software, Rominator.
    You can see all of the updates below. Most importantly, you Rominator is now synced with the GBAtemp Cheat Database (maintained by Narin)!
    If you have questions about using the software, try looking or asking in the GBAtemp Rominator discussion topic (link below) or refer to the Quick Start Guide (thanks to Salamantis for creating it!) that is included in the downloads (which are below).
    You can find downloads for both the Windows and Mac OS X versions of Rominator in the GBAtemp Download Center:
    [​IMG] Download for Windows, Mac OS X
    [​IMG] GBAtemp Rominator Discussion Topic

    Make sure to thank Narin, Salamantis, and most importantly, hankchill for their work on this awesome program!

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