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    I think it's safe to formally announce the release of Rominator for Nintendo DS!

    Rominator is a feature-packed organizer for all of your Nintendo DS needs. It's features include:

    • User-Friendly & Easy to Use interface
    • Organize all of your game dumps in the area of your choice
    • Drag & Drop right into the window
    • Auto-renaming of your games, where you can include rom number, country code, or release group.
    • Rom Trimming (Safe Trim Included)
    • Database updatable online through the program anytime
    • Have a Favourites List
    • Extensive Filter System
    • Detailed view of the game -- including internal name, cartridge code, box art, and game icons
    • Copy your games straight to your flash card, and trim on the fly
    • Flash card organization - manage and delete roms
    • Save Management System, backup and restore your save games associated with your roms
    • Sub-Directory scanning -- Keep your roms inside of their original folders
    • Mac OS X/Intel & Windows supported (Linux through WINE)
    • And more!

    Currently, Rominator is *exclusive* to GBAtemp until my website ( is online. Until then, no documentation is provided, but all the help you need is in the Rominator for NDS Thread:

    Download Below: v1.0.6
    Rominator for Mac OS X
    Rominator for Windows

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