Rom Transfer Problem's Got Me Baffled

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    Feb 19, 2007
    Hi!I've encountered a problem transferring some roms to my SD card which is baffling me.The first time I encountered it was with Hot Wheels-Burnin' Rubber then it reared its head again with the NDS rom Mario And Luigi-Partners In Time.
    The problem is that suddenly the rom will fail to copy to the card and I get an "I/O device error" message or if I'm using M3 Game Manager then a runtime error..However all other roms will copy successfully.
    This problem is NOT :
    (a)Due to the card (error is repeated when I use a different card and when card is formatted with FAT 16 and FAT 32).
    (b)Due to the card reader (error is repeated using different card readers).
    ©Due to save protocol (error is repeated even if I rename the rom with a much shorter title).
    (d)Due to corruption of the rom (it will copy fine to another folder on my hard drive).
    (e)Due to the size of the rom (larger roms copy successfully).
    (f)Due to system (other roms copy successfully).
    When I used a rom for the same game from a different source it copied just fine,so what is preventing the first roms I had from successfully copying to the SD card?
    I refurbish PCs so I'm always partial to a bit of troubleshooting but this one's got me baffled.Please help cos I'd love to know what's going on here...