RoFage 1.3.1 released

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Nov 21, 2005
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RoFage 1.3.1 released
java rom manager using offline list dats
Schyzophrenic dropped by to inform us the 1.3.1 release of RoFage. A java (for those that missed it java is a frequently used framework available for most of the big OS versions and processor types) based rom manager able to use offline list dats (a common format).

Developed in Java, it works on Linux, Mac & Windows. Available in both english & french it gives you the ability to easily manage your roms :
- import roms by drag & drop of your files or directory
- scan your roms based on the CRC (or the serial if it's a trimmed NDS rom)
- rename your archive (and inside your archive) based on the pattern you gave
- clean your archives
- export your archives
- manage duplicate : you can choose to always keep the preferred version of a rom. For instance, you may choose to have USA, EU, JP as your preferred order. The game will only keep the USA version of the rom if you have it. Or the EU version if you don't have the USA version...
-open source.
The list may be updated automatically as can the images for the roms.

You need Java 1.6 or later to use RoFage

 GBAtemp discussion thread
 Download (google code)
 Java download (check any repositories if you run linux and the like for distro specific builds)
 ADVANsCEne, GBA and DS offline list dats available
 Offline list homepage (dats for several systems)
 no-intro offline list (multiple systems)
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