RodrigoDavy's Retro Impressions: Super Mario Kart

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by RodrigoDavy, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Feb 9, 2011
    Well, I always wanted to do a game review and Super Mario Kart is my favorite game of all time so I chose it to be my first one but I'll try to keep it as neutral as I can.

    Just for one introduction, Super Mario Kart is a Super NES game release in 1992 by Nintendo an was the first entry in the succesful Mario Kart franchise. It was the third best-selling video game for the snes behind Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country. (Information obtained from random pages from Wikip├ędia :P ) Now let's dig into this game:

    I'll assume every member must know how a basic Mario Kart game works,it's a race there are items, etc... One of the things that I found about Super Mario Kart is that it's very balanced: it's difficult, items are scarce, some items require ability to be used. I explain which one of these points.

    Super Mario Kart is very difficult because hitting a wall, falling in the water, falling off the track can really make you lose position. And in this game these things WILL happen a lot, you often have to memorize the tracks to know where the traps are, as you'll find many of these traps are found in one of the many closed curves. This game has kind of a funny pinball mechanics where if you hit a wall in a certain angle you'll bounce just like a ball in a pinball machine, which will often make you lose position but can sometimes make you pass your oponents if you're lucky.

    Although items are a trademark of the Mario Kart franchise, you only get them once or twice in each lap of the game. Depending on the track, items like the star and the mushroom can actually be of no help if not properly used because it makes it more difficult for the player to control their kart causing them to hit something or fall. The other items are generally not as powerful as in other Mario Karts, but one underrated item is the feather which is apparently useless but let you make some really nice shortcuts in some tracks.

    The game is forced two split-screen, in one player mode with the game in the top screen and a map in the bottom screen and with two-player modes I'll just let you guess. There is also a Time Trial mode with ghost support and the really fun Battle mode which I happened to like a lot as a kid.
    Graphically, the game is very nice! Not the best that the snes could offer, but a nice show-off of the Super NES Mode 7 combined with a really fun gameplay.

    To cite one bad point, the tracks were really short, there were five laps and each race lasted like 1 and half minutes and, this is not really a bad point, but the game is way easier in two-player mode and if you're a forever alone you're gonna have a bad time.

    That's about it, I made these impression with all my heart. I know it must be not that good must I hope you enjoyed and that I conviced some of you to revive this classic.
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