Rockstar, The Daily Star and the shame and disgust

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    This is a difficult issue and I'm going to stop gibberish. If not the right place for something like that and I´m sorry if I didn´t explain it well, because if I post on GBAtemp, is for learn english, but after I learned of the news and gather information I need to vent and share with you. You know that we are not journalists, we are users and lovers of videogames, but somehow we have become our daily task to share news with you. So when I see the example of Jerry Lawton, a journalist for the Daily Star English, feel revulsion, disgust and even shame. Step by step.

    A few days in England are experiencing a strange situation and terribly sad. A nightclub doorman who just recently released from prison, Raoul Moat, cold-bloodedly murdered his ex-partner, two shots in the stomach, allowing it to bleed, and this current boyfriend. A death that everyone knew that could end up happening because the murderer had spent years showing a crazed behavior, violent and not very fair. The fate of Samantha Stobbart seemed written since he broke quite some time. Chris Brown just made the mistake of falling in love with her at the wrong time.

    Moat next day, mistakenly believing that Brown was a police officer, decided to shoot at a patrol car, leaving one officer seriously injured. His next move was even more mad, she fled, she shaved her hair to the Mohawk and started to implement survival techniques Rambo-style to avoid being found. The forest area of the scene, Rothbury, facilitated their little fantasy.

    Televisions, radios, newspapers, blogs ... all England had found his favorite pastime during the days when authorities tried to find the cursed murderer who believed Rambo. Helicopters, canine patrols searching the area, specializing in hunting and Special Operations began to arrive in town to try to find him. A few days later, feeling increasingly hemmed in and without escape, his life ended with an accurate shot.

    That's the story in broad strokes. A murderer who became a media icon in the days of his disappearance in the woods and took almost all the space news in the UK.

    Days after the pull media and taking advantage of the case, an unfortunate (he was a journalist but put the word does not deserve) from The Daily Star, an English tabloid newspaper, decided to launch a story relying on "various sources specialized in online games" . Source false, of course.

    Jerry Lawton, which is the name the individual, said that Rockstar Games and prepared a new 'Grand Theft Auto' based on the events. 'GTA Rothbury', a video game created exclusively for profiting from such cruel and sad story. His only evidence, a terrible Photoshop mounting face of the protagonists and the font of the popular video game series. A montage that gives embarrassment and that anyone with half a brain would identify as assembly. That yes, Jerry was not interested in the assembly, he was interested profiting from the pain of victims.

    Not idle Horsby Ann hunted down, the poor grandmother Samantha seventy years, the former girlfriend Moat had murdered in cold blood by two shots in the stomach days earlier and was still in shock over the loss his beloved granddaughter.

    He showed the cover of the game and assured him that was real, a game that used the death of his beloved Samantha and her boyfriend for profit. The woman's reaction, tears, could not be other than Rockstar curse and ensure that all the money they earned to the expense of the title was blood money, something that went beyond sanity.

    Juicy statements, Lawton had thought that was not idle wrote a terrible article giving all be true. He had used the pain of an older woman, murder of two boys and violence against the Moat to load games and gain popularity.

    A sick and despicable attitude no doubt. Even more sickening was their reaction to the many Facebook criticism.

    Certainly not if one thinks that gamers are idiots, but certainly we are not at their level. Clearly obvious part that uses a crude montage to invent a story and overwhelm a poor old woman who had just lost one of their loved ones for the sole purpose of obtaining statements juicy. Of those who are to talk about.

    What has been achieved. Today we speak. We talked about a missed opportunity to apologize to the family. We talked about it and put it as an example of something you have to flee like the plague. We talked about how to manipulate people taking advantage of his pain. We talked, in short of The Daily Star, Rockstar and shame and disgust that gives Jerry Lawton.

    Source: Dtoid and CVG

    I am ashamed to be human...
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    From what I just read that reporter is a jerk.
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    This is the Daily Star, it's a newspaper for Chav's. It's what they do, and it's always a pile of crap. These are the few pages of news in there, the rest is half naked women and football. As a paper it has no credibility, and noone takes it seriously.
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    If I was Rockstar I'd sue them and give the money to charity.
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    I couldn't agree you more. Only gossip crazed idiots read the Daily Star
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    The Daily Star is more of a comic than a newspaper.
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    Was the first post a Google Translate or something? We don't mind if you can't speak/type English correctly, but it'd be better to just copy/paste the story or just link to the source. The effort is appreciated, but there are easier, better, and clearer ways of going about posting news.

    As for the article, it's not that surprising, but it's still terrible. The Daily Star sounds like your average tabloid newspaper, and I can't tell you how many times I've seen those with their alien claims and whatnot. Still, they crossed the line a bit with the grandmother; I don't know what legal action could be taken against the paper, but I sure as hell hope they have a lawsuit on their hands.
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    Actually, he wants to practice his english, so he writes it himself. I find it okay; you DO need to practice languages a lot.

    I want to find the people that did this and give 'em a good smack across the face. They showed this to the GRANDMOTHER? That's just fucking disgusting.