Rockband 3 DLC woes, not even opening the store, works on a real wii

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    TAUSENN Advanced Member

    Jun 28, 2016
    Hi, my wii still gets some use but the SD card slot broke, since all wii network functionalities are being terminated for good in January I wanted to get some DLC for Rockband 3 on my wiiU. It throws an error if I even attempt to open the store (game loaded via usb).

    I had tried this last year but since back in the day tried buying content for rockband 2 never worked, I assumed the rockband stores just did not work anymore, imagine my surprise when I saw the rockband 3 store does work to this day on my wii.

    Anyone got this game working on their vWii? How would you go about fixing it?
    Even if my wii SD card slot worked for downloadin, there is no way to use that on the wiiu

    Thanks in advance