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    Hi everybody! I have a simple question about this. Recently, my green drumpad somehow broke off completely, so the drumset is no longer usable. My cousin assumed that the Xbox 360 drumset would work, I told him not to give it to me but did anyway, and I got a rather weird idea.

    I've been seeing different cIOS around, like allowing hard drives to be used, Rock Band and Guitar Hero accesories usable on homebrew, cIOS35 for RawkSD to allow custom songs to be played on Rock Band 2, etc. etc...

    Could it be possible to help the Xbox 360 drumset work with the Wii using a custom code using Gecko or something...?

    The prices I'm seeing for standalone drumsets are VERY unnecessary and I already have a 360 drumset RIGHT beside me.

    Overpriced drumset...

    I already predicted that it wouldn't work just by plugging it in and trying it out. The only response I got was the X360 guide button blinking.
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    No; the 360 drumset pretends to be a 360 controller, so special drivers would need to be written (I believe tueidj looked into it for a while).

    However, the PS2/PS3 Rock Band guitars and drumset will work with RawkSD 3.0, if you can find a set of those. Best to return the 360 drumset.