Rock Band 2 Distorted Audio

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    Jan 1, 2010
    ok first my setup:

    PAL Wii with 3.2E system menu
    Preloader Jodi Edition
    Cios 37 Rev 17
    Cioscorp 3.6

    Connected via a Component cable to a HDTV and set to 480p res (problem was there even on the standard cable that came with the Wii)

    I have used any region changer to change my shop region to US for the rawksd dlc hack.

    When I play Rock Band 2 NTSC I get distorted audio. The game is still playable it's just really irritating.
    The graphics don't seem as good as they should be either.

    All other games including the NTSC versions of Rock Band Country Track Pack and Rock Band Classic Rock Track Pack work fine with no issues at all

    I have tried playing with the audio settings and it makes no difference.

    Any help figuring this out would be helpful [​IMG]