Hacking Rock Band 2/3 DLC WAD issues


May 11, 2020
United States
Hi folks,
I'm working to restore some long-lost Rock Band 2 and 3 DLC to my softmodded Wii for our kids to play. I have successfully loaded custom songs (using the sZG method) and have them coexisting along some official DLC across several folders brought over from a prior SD card. I've installed Ticket WADs for all appropriate folders and the current set of customs with prior DLC are working beautifully. I'm using regular NAND, not emuNAND
Here's the challenge. When I'm installing the new WADs, they seem to install just fine (currently using GuitarHero OneUp installer, but have also tried using WAD manager). Starting up Rock Band 3 via USB LoaderGX, the system notes it needs to bring over files from the Wii system memory to the SD card. That process goes fine. When the progress bar comes up indicating it's installing the new content, the Wii freezes and locks up.
Looking at the aftermath on the SD card, the new songs are being installed in their proper folders (e.g., sZB), but as 001.bin and 002.bin, which I don't think is correct. Deleting those files out of those folders allows me to successfully boot the game again so they're clearly causing the hang, but I'd love to get some insight as to what may be going wrong here. Given that all my other official DLC have specific numbers, I would have expected the new DLC to pick up that indexing somewhere (from the title files perhaps?) and situate properly. Thanks in advance for thoughts...
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