River City Ransom sequel coming to Japan

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    1989 was a banner year for humanity. The Berlin Wall fell, the Exxon Valdez drowned Alaska in oil, Beijing students rebelled in Tiananmen Square, and – perhaps more importantly -  River City Ransom made its NES debut in Japan.

    It's been 22 years since Alex and Ryan punched, kicked and Stoned Handed their way into our nerdy hearts(21 for North Americans), but now thanks to Japanese studio Miracle Kidz, the duo may soon be coming out of retirement for a genuine sequel.

    According to translated reports at Andriasang, a follow- up to the classic brawler/RPG called Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari 2 is on its way out east, with a handful of the series' original developers rumored to be lending their talents to its creation. The game is slated for release on home consoles in Japan this year, with a PC online game to follow in 2012.

    No further details or news of a western port have been confirmed, but Miracle Kidz would be silly not to ship a River City Ransom sequel in some form to fans outside of Japan. It'd also be silly to tamper too much with the original's goofy charm and 2D style; traits that made it a favorite amongst NES owners back in the day, and later inspired Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World comic series. In short: Miracle Kidz would do well to avoid being silly, except where it counts.

    [Source:  Andriasang]

    Mar 21, 2011

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    Kewl! Hopefully it will be released here as well.
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    probably the most fun beat em up game played and using simple graphics... also produced one of the best quotes
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    I loved that game! Thought the offbeat humor really suited it well.
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    Please come to America, and please stay on Nintendo products!
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    Ah the memories. Great game hopefully we get the sequel to.
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    this was a somewhat bad version of nekketsu katukou densetsu
    i had a weird nes when i was a kid which played Jap games too, so i got my hand on it and it's one of the best fighting games ever made for the nes
    the best riki-kunio game imo:

    if the style remains the same as river city and the controlls at least as good as nekketsu's, then i'm sure to check it out
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    It seems to me that they had a few sequels. I recall a game on the SNES that involved a Subway or something like that, and one on the NES with a really long name including the word Downtown. It had a terrible layout and you couldn't tell where the hell you were going most of the time.

    I'm not sure what a sequel will accomplish. I--for one--am no longer eight years old and somehow I think the same is true of anybody else familiar with the original.
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    What does you not being eight years old got to do with this game? [​IMG]

    As everyone else, ah the memories. [​IMG]

    I only play one version of this game, it had a exact copy of it expect it had *stuff* in the game. [​IMG]
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    F**K YEAH!

    I was waiting for a proper sequel for ages. I hope they won't let me down with this, I loved River City Ransom and the EX remake for the GBA [​IMG]