Rin (Gameboy Emulator) for Wii

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    I never used it because I automatically thought that Gnuboy GX was superior....from the many accounts from users and some false information floating around on the net. I haven't been playing good old Gameboy titles for quite some time, but decided to play some of my old favorites using Gnuboy GX the other day. One was "Super Mario Land 2". Yuck! Gnuboy GX plays this game like a dog...there is some serious skipping going on. I noticed some issues in other games as well, not to mention the fact that Gnuboy GX has a rom directory limitation that couldn't read all of my roms (A-Z). Well, I decided to try the only alternative, Rin. And no, I am not considering VBA GX an alternative. It works great for GBA games, not so bad (but not so great) for GB/GBC games. So, back to Rin:

    Contrary to everything I have heard about it only being able to use a GC controller, it *does* work just fine with the Wiimote and classic controller. I also heard there were directory read issues. It reads fine from SD and USB...and it reads my entire rom directory. I heard it takes 10 minutes to load...yeah right. It loads instantaneously. And, the emulation is fantastic. It even supports those Super Gameboy borders that you'd remember from using that device in conjunction with some of the titles that supported it back in the day. Damn solid emulator!

    I was looking for a channel version, but could only find a pretty old version. So, I took that version and injected the last version of the emulator into it. Works beautifully, looks great. I figure I'd share it in case there is someone else out there looking for some good GB/GBC emulation via channel:


    And, if you want to try the non-channel version, it is here of course (I used this dol for the channel):


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    thanks for that!!!!!
    both info and downloads are priceless [​IMG]