Rigid Nintendo region settings clash regarding Club Nintendo & 3DS - am I shafted? HALP!

Discussion in '3DS - Nintendo Network' started by SG, Apr 12, 2014.

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    OK, so I live in the UK and have an imported US 3DS XL. On my Wii, I set my region as Brazil as the postcode formats are identical to the UK so I could use my debit card to buy stuff on there (postcode for where card is registered is needed).

    Well, I did this with my 3DS as well (although it turns out that they don't want my postcode on the 3DS e-Shop so I didn't need to do it). The thing is, I also have a Club Nintendo account and it's registered to a friend's address in the US so that I can get physical rewards from Club Nintendo as she'll ship them over to me. BUT... the e-Shop on the 3DS wants me to link my online account to my e-Shop account. Once that's done, I can't change my region. If I change my region to the States I also lose my current balance. I'm worried that the region for the e-Shop could conflict with my region for my 3DS.

    Also, I believe that there are certain apps that aren't available to those who live in Brazil... I know that Netflix is one, but what about any others? I'm not bothered about Netflix but I don't want to miss out on anything so maybe I should change my 3DS region to the States and cut my losses.

    Can someone please help me out here?
  2. Senbei Norimaki

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    Dec 10, 2012
    US eshop is region locked by credit card. Only US credit cards will work on the US eshop. As for netflix that app doesn't work outside of the US.