Rhapsody A Musical Adventure(U) Jap to Eng music undub help

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    I'd been wanting to play this game since way back when it was on the ps2 but never had the chance to, so when I heard there was a DS and an undub for it I jumped on it. But the rom itself isn't really working properly and when I get to a certain point early in the game I get two black screens with and without the undub, specifically where the main character ends the singing contest. I've reformatted numerous times and changed settings on my acekard and got nothing. I've tried it on AKAIO 1.4, 1.5, and 1.7 and the result is always the same, two black screens at the end of that same scene. I'm currently using an Acekard 2i with a 2GB Class 4 Kingston micro SD with AKAIO 1.7 firmware. The thread where I got the undub can be found [here]. Also I tried the hex editing that the person in the 3rd to last post on the last page mentioned and still got nothing.
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    one thing that im sure...

    your memcard is too slow.. go get a faster one..