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    Okay, now I know that ROM stands for read-only-memory, and that it is pretty much impossible to write to an official game pak/cartridge. However, that is also what I'm here to ask about. What I want to know is how to do it. Most people will think I'm mad, pointing out I know it's not possible, then asking how to do it.

    Well, let me explain. First of all, I know there are write-once cartridges, but that they are hard to come by, have to be bought in large bulk, and can be expensive. Furthermore, these are more than likely the types of cartridges that are used for illegal copies of games (I think one of the most infamous was the Onyx Black Pokemon one). But then again, I couldn't be sure.

    Anyway, my point is, surely there is some way - ableit more than likely complicated - of writing a ROM. Now, I know SRAM/saves are different, but let me just give the example that you can 'restore' saves to an NDS game card or GBA game pak, so I would like to do the same with the ROMs (if I could do it via the DS - what a bonus. But I doubt it). I understand there are hardware limitations, but surely there is some complicated way to do it. I would just like to know if it's at all possible. I think my most notorious idea would be to play an English-patched Mother 3 in it's original casing (and preferably on an original cart). I'd love to think it's as simple as somehow getting the cartridge plugged into my computer and changing an option like you can with files and folders on a computer, but because of the hardware, I doubt it.

    I know people have asked about this sort of thing before, but if anyone has any idea at all of what I could do about this, that'd be great. Or perhaps someone actually knows where I could buy a small amount of write-once cartridges for a decent price (my idea would be do get as many games as close to the official products as possible without having to actually buy the official products, which isn't to say there aren't GBA games I don't want to buy, but more so that I'd love to have a bunch of authentic-looking and feeling games that aren't).

    Thanks in advance, I guess.
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    I'll start by saying that I don't know anything about how you could obtain a blank, write once cart. Might not even be possible.

    I don't quite understand what it is you really want to do..? If you would like to play GBA games on your GBA or DS instead of an emulator or something, just purchase an EZFLASH 3in1 or a GBA flash cart.

    If you want to have Mother 3 in its original casing, but with the translation, then buy a GBA flash cart, put Mother 3 on it, and swap the innards of the official cart and the flash cart. You'll have a cart that looks like official Mother 3, but plays the translated game. I suggest the 3in1. I just bought one and it works really well.

    Why would you want to not buy the official products if your are going to have to buy the carts anyway? Chances are, blank ROM carts will cost much more than the official ones..