Rewatched "Alive (1993)"

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    The lesson here is that none of us really know how we'd react in a situation like this to say "I would never eat ____!" or "I'd never do ____." to know for sure, yet, the media (as usual) shamed the survivors for staying alive the way they did
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    I think I'll read the book (Alive: The True Story of the Andes Survivors by Piers Paul Read) and read it as the film as much as it tried, it likely left out a lot of information out due to the length that it was stuck to (without stretching far too long).
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    I remember that..they had to cut out the information for the length of the movie, shame really. I remember being left at a blank when it came to that. Wanted to get the book too even looked it up too, but it was too pricey for me at the time. Now I'm gonna find it online though.
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