RevoK101 or Ic2005 XG2 Turbo 256m?

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    I'm gonna order something next week and I'm not too sure of which to order. So I'm looking for some feedback. The Revok101 has RTC and looks pretty nice, but having a flash cart means you can play on original hardware.

    The only problem is, I'm not sure how the compatibility is with the XG2 Turbo. RevoK101 boasts 99% but I'd like to spend twenty more bucks and get something that lets me play on my SP. What would be the better buy?
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    the revo does not use a flash kit. it runs everything internally utilizing a system-on-a-chip design. the k-card is just an interface device to get the roms/files from the msd card to the hardware. they could have just as easily went with a msd slot but the gba sized slot means they can support retail games as well. the revo has save issues, with various user hacks to get around them. the two that work are loading a 2nd game after saving, saving again, and then powering off the until, while the other is simply pulling out the k-card before you power down the unit. compatibility may not be 99%, there are many games untested or unreported. read the revo review for more answers:

    -another world
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