Revo K101 wont power on or charge

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  1. Bob burnz

    Bob burnz Newbie

    Jun 30, 2014
    United States
    My revo k101 will only charge for short periods of time before both of the lights turn off. When i try to turn it on, the splash screen shows up then the screen goes black and and the top LED light starts to alternate going off and going green. While it is in this state, when i press the d-pad buttons the screen regular menu screen shows up for a second then when i press the d-pad buttons again it turns off and the green top LED stops flashing. I have tried pugging it in to charge in my computer and the lights just never turn on. (Also on a side-note, when I plug in ear buds to the device, one has less volume than the other. I have tested the ear buds on my computer and it is equal volume on both sides so I know the problem has to be with the device itself.)
  2. ruilong

    ruilong GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 6, 2012
    United States

    Can you try to replace the battery and try to charger the device? Send us email for any further questions and assistance. Our email address is:
  3. ron!n

    ron!n Advanced Member

    Feb 24, 2011
    United States
    I gotta be honest, I really don't like the Revo K101. It has a lot of power on/off problems and often freezes when trying to load a lot of my games....and when it freezes sometimes I have to take the battery out to get it to turn off. Even the needle hole power button won't work.

    I wish they would re-release the SP model version as it was more attractive and had less bugs (save issue really bugged me about k101 but it is fixed now)
    If they release the SP model again I will totally buy it, but I gave my k101 to mu girlfriend because she only plays Mario and doesn't care if her saves disappear.
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