Revo K101 Questions.

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    Aug 8, 2013
    So I was looking snooping around until I see a few people talking about the Revo K101, and the issues with it. I, myself do not own this system, but when I took a look on their official site, and the review made by one of the testers. It looked pretty decent, and afterall it's only $60, $10 less for what I can get a EZ-Flash IV for.

    In otherwords, how does the Revo K101 stack up? Does it lag when playing any games, such as Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon LeafGreen, and Zelda games?

    I've also read that many users are having an issue with the saves, but many people suggested to update their firmware, and they haven't replied back on their luck. So anyways does that issue still exist now? Are there any fixes for this?

    I'm quite interested in the Revo myself, since it includes a backlit screen, and a TV out option. And the fact that I can play my game cartridge on it.

    If someone can answer my questions as soon as possible that would be great.

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    not all games run perfectly, but with that said, this is the closest you will get to perfection without using actual gba hardware. the save problem continues to exist. the firmware coder was able to experience the issue but never able to replicate it. at this point it looks as if they have stopped supporting the hardware.

    -another world