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    Dec 8, 2014
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    Hi, I got a Revo K101+. I have downloaded the recent firmware (FW 2016-03-10 - PID00620608 ). I've been having trouble with GB games. I put a rom on it. It's launching but is displayed in all kinds of weird colors. If I press L + R, a menu appears (it's not the menu that appears by pressing the top-star button+L). So in this menu I set the colors for normal as the game would appear on the original gameboy. That works. BUT: I cannot save, whenever I save, once I reload the game, there is either no save file at all or the progress has not been saved to the recent savepoint. I read about pressing Star-Button (on the top of the unit) + Start to dump a save file. That happens, a save file is dumped but it's not being loaded.