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    Jul 9, 2006
    Zoo Keeper Review
    By: Bernie Yee


    1. Introduction
    2. Gameplay
    3. Graphics
    4. Sound
    5. Replay
    6. Conclusion

    Ah, Bejeweled, a simple and addictive puzzle game created by PopCap Games in 2001. Now fast-forward a few years, add zoo animals along with Bejeweled and what do you get? Well, you simply get Zooo for the GBA or it’s DS counter-part, Zoo Keeper.

    Gameplay - 10
    In Zoo Keeper, your job is to erase the animal tiles on the screen by creating lines either vertically or horizontally of 3 tiles of the same animal. You can move the tiles either left, right, down, or up. Like other puzzle games, more tiles equal bigger combos and points. Gravity also applies in Zoo Keeper, so you can also create humongous combos. One difference between Bejeweled and Zoo Keeper is the ability that lets you switch the tiles when another move is still in progress, allowing for even bigger combos. There are also random switch tiles and when you select them, they automatically erase all the tile of the animals whose face is selected.


    Within Zoo Keeper, there are 5 modes, zoo keeper, tokoton, quest, head to head, and time attack. However, once you place first in each mode, you can play in expert mode.

    Zoo keeper is the main mode where the computer sets a certain number of each animal you must catch ( 1 line equals 3 animal of the type you clear ). Every time you level up, the number goes up and timer decreases faster.


    Tokoton is a mode where you catch 100 animals of the type the computer picks. When you catch 100 of the type, the screen is cleared and points awarded.


    Quest is a mode that consists of 10 levels, where the zoo curator sets a certain challenge that you must complete.


    And time attack is well… catch as many animals as you can within 6 minutes. The certain amount of animals that you must catch is much lower than in Zoo keeper mode though


    Lastly, there is head to head play against your friend if you guys want to play an animal version of Bejeweled.
    I am very happy with the amount of modes that Zoo Keeper has to offer, and in my opinion, this game is much better than Bejeweled.


    Graphics – 10
    I extremely love the animal theme and how the developers put in time to making the 3D animals on the top screen look outstandingly well-done and how the overall graphics are colorful, vivid and cute.

    Sound – 6
    The music is pretty good, although it seemed to annoy me after hearing it play continuously for over an hour. Sound effects are okay, nothing extraordinary or special.

    Replay – 10
    Every puzzle game has an infinite amount of replay value and it’s all down to whether or not you like the style of the game itself. And guess what? I totally love Zoo Keeper and it’s the puzzle game I always play next to Tetris DS. So I guess replay value is based on the person’s preference.
    Overall, this game is definitely worth checking out and I recommend you buy it if you like it. In my opinion, it’s one of the better puzzle games for the DS next to Tetris. Also, seeing as this is an animal based game, everyone of all ages would definitely love the cute animals and animations.

    SCORE = 9/10

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