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    Dec 27, 2005
    Wario Ware Twisted! (GBA) by Kirby102


    The 'Wario Ware' series have been in action for quite some time now:
    - Wario Ware Inc.: Mega MicroGame$ (GBA)
    - Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Party Game$ (GC)
    - Wario Ware Touched! (DS)
    - And the future title of Wario Ware: Smooth Moves for Wii.

    This is the second revision for the GBA and it has been out quite a while now... [except EU, I feel sorry for you]. Although this isn't your normal GBA game, as this also contains a built-in rumble gyro sensor, which enhances gameplay to a whole new level on a portable handheld. This review will be talking about the gameplay aspect only, not the hardware aspect.


    This special game consists of a rumble, gyro sensor built into the GBA cartridge, which results in a bulky object sticking out of your GBA device. And also play using either a normal GBA, or a GBMicro. Other methods that use GBA carts is fine, but use common sense on the GBPlayer for the GCN (don't do it). Wario Ware Twisted! is the 1st GBA game to implement a built-in gyro rumble pack within the GBA cartidge itself, but due to the features, it couldn't fit in a normal GBA cart, so they made a bigger cart for that sole purpose.

    + Intuitive gameplay with the extensive use of the built-in rumble + gyro sensor.
    + 'Super fast 5 second' games will leave the player to react with the minigame's objective has returned!
    ? Constant repetitive actions are similar for most minigames.
    ? OMG HUGE! Also, no proper use of the rumble pack other than rumbling for fun. This doesn't work as a rumble pack for the DS. (lol, I wanted to test if it was possible)


    This is what Nintendo supports strongly about, and what I do too: That not all games should have flashy graphics. Although it might put some players off just by the graphics, it could just be an excuse not to get it. But the graphics are decent on the GBA: they may not make you go 'OMG', or 'GHEY'. Some minigames include 3D, sketches, claymation and many others.

    + Simplistic graphics, which can be simple in terms of gameplay as well.
    + Variety of styles are visually attractive on the GBA.
    ? Simplistic graphics may put off players.
    ? Game mainly supports twisting the GBA around, also twisting the pictures in some cases, which makes it look ugly.


    Typical Wario Ware style. Fast-paced, random sounds. It includes recordings within the souvenirs section which contains most soundtracks, as well as the NES Classics such as Super Mario Bros, Balloon Fight, Metroid, Wrecking Crew and more.

    + Music suits the situation.
    + Consists of many familiar sounds and fun instruments. (Classic NES Themes and Instruments like Piano and Violin)
    ? Distorts the music as you progress through quicker and quicker stages.
    ? Repetitive sounds may annoy the hell out of you.

    Lasting Replay

    There is a significant amount of replayability in this game, it's phenomenal. With 142 unlockable souvenirs to be gained after every boss stage of each set (which is between 10 - 20 minigame intervals), it would take a lot of time to complete the game 100%.

    + 223 microgames, as well as needing to do each minigame at least 10 times, that would be doing 2230+ minigames if you want 100%.
    + LOTS of Unlockables (142 interesting souvenirs)
    ? Finish it 100% and you're done with it. Nothing else to do with it.
    ? Frustration on attempting to clear the minigame but fail by just 1 point and having to do it all over again.


    To experience the full potential of it, you have to buy the game. There is absolutely no point in emulating the motion sensing with the D-Pad, it doesn't feel right. But as a righteous person you are and have the money to buy it, I suggest in purchasing this great title. With a fairly decent amount of replayability and an interesting gameplay mechanism, there is nothing that you could regret about buying it.

    + New 'spin' gameplay has revived the series with a new set of minigames taking advantage of it.
    ? The hype from the minigames has decreased from the other versions of the Wario Ware series, but only included the gyros.

    / 10

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