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    Jul 9, 2006
    The Rub Rabbits! Review
    By: Bernie Yee


    1. Introduction / Story
    2. Gameplay
    3. Graphics and Sound
    4. Replay
    5. Conclusion

    Introduction / Story
    Ever since the beginning of time, people have been fighting against each other for superiority. In this game, the main character falls in love with a girl he saw at the mall and your job is to play through all the brilliantly fun mini-games to progress through the story and help him win that girl over. But it’s not all that simple as there are several other men who you must compete with to woo that girl over. However, another girl also falls in love with the main character, so there’s bound to be trouble.

    In this funny sequel to “Feel the Magic: XX/XY,” there are even more whacky and fun mini-games and a storyline just as great as the original one. Everything about this sequel has also been improved on, so picture an excellent game, the best of the best. Now picture it even better, and you got “The Rub Rabbits!”


    Gameplay – 10
    The gameplay has been improved much on and the amount of scenes playable has been doubled from the original 18 to the current 37 of the sequel. All scenes have their own mini-games, which tend to have from either 1 to 5 levels, (higher levels are much harder).

    All the mini-games still use both screens, the microphone, touch-screen, etc, and a few of the levels requires you to use multiple skills, which is all fun! Some of the scenes also requires you to hold the DS sideways, and even upside down for a new and innovative view. Because of all these new innovations, Rub Rabbits is a lot more fun game. Some of the levels were pretty hard, especially the Stampede one, but there is a button that allows you to skip one scene, (you can only use it once in the game, but you don’t get points from it).

    Unlike the original Feel the Magic game, you no longer gather stars, but hearts. These hearts are like points, and when you unlock a certain amount, you unlock bonuses, new clothes for maniac mode, etc.


    Memories and maniac mode also returns, so you can always replay your favourite mini-game and dress up the chick your character falls in love with, (although in the cinematics, the girl doesn’t change). New to maniac mode is the option of allowing you to create your own clothing design for your virtual friend, changing hair, gloves, etc.
    Most of all, there is no multiplayer madness with you and your buddies! There’s battle, baby-making and hullabaloo. In battle, you play against your friend on two DSes on certain missions. Baby-making mode will test you and a partner’s ability to have a baby by having you two answer questions and by cutting a cake together. In hullabaloo mode, it will test you and your buddies’ ability to work as a group. It’s sort of like the toy “Bop It” by Hasbro.

    Graphics and Sound - 10
    Graphics in this series were always outstanding and pretty original. The shadow people are still here and all the graphics are smoother compared to the original. I think this and the original game graphics were highly influenced by the iPod commercials, haha.

    The original soundtrack was often replayed a lot and in this sequel, there are a ton of new tracks, so you no longer have to turn off the speakers since it was so annoying! All games have new songs and some stages even have their own unique tune, but some of the old songs are still here.


    Replay – 10
    Just like in Feel the Magic, Rub Rabbits has a high replay ability rate. There’s always the 100% of items and rabbits to be unlocked and captured as well. Once you beat the original story, there’s also another to be played. Bad part about that though, is that the mini-games are the same ones with different characters, but it adds a bit of story which makes up for it. Also, there is hard mode and test mode that is unlocked when you finish the original story. And boy, is hard mode really HARD!

    Overall, the Rub Rabbits is definitely one of the best mini-game styled game with an amazing storyline and huge sense of originality. This game should be purchased by many people who can even get their hands on this, as this game is a rare one and many who loved WarioWare will no doubt about it love this one as well!

    FINAL SCORE = 10/10

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