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    Apr 14, 2014
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    what is it? Was it good? I only play mobile so I'll review mobile games every now and then in this thread. The last game I played was a mobile game. Lol, I was bored and was looking for a new game to play. Something like Candy Crush Saga but it's quite overrated now. So I played Honeyday Blitz 2 (which I found in Google Play randomly), and surprisingly, I liked it a lot. It has a nice concept, easy to play and really colorful. Best game to play for pasttime. I highly recommend it.
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    Sep 1, 2015
    Fallout 4:

    The gameplay has been improved and the gunplay is leagues ahead of what F3/F:NV had. Graphics wise, it's got an amazing lighting system but the textures are bad. I'm on ultra settings on the PC and it lacks detail for a game in 2015. Story wise, it's a bit interesting and I get the hints of the Golden age of Sci-Fi comics (which is perfect for Fallout).

    Overall, I'd give it a 7 or a low 8.
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    Hatsume Miku: Project Diva 2nd

    The In-Game music is awesome, I haven't found a song I dislike at all yet. I haven't played any of the other ones so I can't compare it but I enjoyed trying to hit the notes at the right time. I also like how they put the notes at the right time so It sounds perfect. Something I dislike about the game though is It has a few bugs like The song doesn't start and only shows Miku's legs. Other then that I would recomend this to anyone with a PSP and enjoys rhythm games. (If you speak Japanese)

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    Radiant Historia

    The battle system is nice and allows for interesting tactics, but you are forced to use the same 3 characters on battle for the most time.
    It makes no sense to have 7 "playable" characters when you can seldom use and level up 4 of them.
    Music is alright but not outstanding, you have some catchy songs for battle, map and events that are not really annoying, but I don't think you will remember the tunes after you complete the game.
    The story is good, but you don't get very attached to the characters, it could have been told better.
    If I compare this to latest RPGs I would say in the story department it is above them, but it falls apart when compared to classics like FF6 or Chrono Trigger.
    Graphically, it is a good looking DS game.

    Perhaps 7.5/10
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