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    Aug 8, 2006
    Well after 7 days of waiting I get a slip in the mail telling me there is a parcel from China waiting to be picked up. So I skip down to the post office and get it. I was too impatient to wait to open it so I opened it while walking home. I was pleasently surprised to find my Supercard SD Rumble sitting inside the parcel. There was no packaging (which is usual for just my Supercard. I marvel at how small the little motor is and how they have managed to fit it in the casing.
    Anyway I get home and grab my DS and decide to see how it fits into slot 2. Fantastic!! It just slides in and out with minimal force each way. It also sticks out of my 'phat' DS just like my ordinary Supercard. I think to myself this will mean no annoying cracked plastic down the track. I also tested the SD card slot with a SD card, the same result, in and out with no problems. Time to test it.
    I downloaded the loading software from the site, installed it and loaded up Ridge Racer, setting up the B button as a rumble button. I just thought slamming on the brakes at that speed would cause a little sudder though the car so I thought it was appropriate. The software loads normally (through a redesigned menu system) as you would using the Supercard SD but you have the added option of adding the rumble feature to any of the buttons while loading applications to the SD card.
    So I start up the game and load into the first track just to test it. The brakes are not really necessary but I slam them on at top speed just to see what happens....
    A loud buzzing noise breaks out that sends a vibration through the DS, three seconds later my flatmate runs in asking what the noise was. I explain to them the situation and they walk off unimpressed. (I don't care, I'm loving it.)
    After a while I get bored with Ridge Racer and decide to try a game with the rumble feature in it. So I load up Spyro - A New Beginning and start the game. I go into the options menu and try to turn on the rumble feature. No luck at all. The game doesn't seem to recognize the SD rumble feature at all. I'm not sure if I did something wrong but not a sausage from the rumble pack. Bugga!!! Maybe they'll fix this down the track.
    I'll be interested in what some of the homebrew developers come up with using this feature, collision detection and definately some sort of alarm spring to mind.
    Now this is a neat little package for its price, $29(AUS) + $12(AUS) for postage is a bargain for what you get. You get all the features of a Supercard SD, except GBA support which I personally couldn't careless about, plus a reworked skin and of course the rumble feature.
    One thing I did notice is the amount of time the game stays in the memory of the Supercard SD Rumble. It seems to load as the GBA games do on the normal Supercard SD and leaves them in memory for a decent time. What thins means, I don't know but I imagine someone will figure out a way to expliot it in the future.
    Anyway a score out of 10? I'd give it 7.5/10 and I'd recommend you buy this just for the novelty and plus it's cheap.
    Whatever you decide, have fun doing it.

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