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Oct 26, 2002
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Super Robot Taisen:Original Generation

Super Robot Taisen is a tactical turn-based RPG series in Japan. This game is actually the first English release for it. It uses the Original Generation characters (sorry for those who expect a Gundam or an EVA on it) This is a great introduction to the series for those who haven't played an SRT game yet. In this game you either play as Ryussei Date or Kyosuke Nanbu, which have different views about the war.

Gameplay 9/10

The battle system is almost the same as Advance Wars and Fire Emblem. In-between battles, you can customize your Mech's skills or your Pilot's skills. You can also add weapons to increase their fire power. But it takes time to level them, since their are a quite a few mechs and characters. During a battle, you move your cursor to move and select your target. The battles are easy to follow, but sometimes it gets repetative. The difficulty is rather hard for a casual gamer, but is easy for those who played other tactical games

Graphics 9/10

The best part of the game is to see your mech in action. The animation is excellent for a GBA game. When you select a weapon, you can see your mech charging (sometimes seeing a closeup of it like an anime) and attacking the enemy in a fluid motion. Although sometimes it could be time-consuming, which you can disable. As you can see in the screenshots, the mechs are in SD (Super-Deformed) form, which isn't a bad thing, though. In the battlefield, the units are presented as heads. The map is simple and not detailed as in other common games, like Advance Wars.

Sound 9/10

The sound in this game is very good. They used different kinds of music, instead of having the same music over and over again. Many characters have their own theme music. Each battle has different music, depending on where and the mood. There are alot of SFX from the mechs and in battles, such as explosion and mechs moving.

Replay Value 8/10

As stated before, you play two different characters. Although both have a basic storyline, they both have a different perspective. Meaning that they will be different conversations and storylines. There's also unlocking secret weapons, mechs, and items. The game gives your about 20 hours of gameplay, which is quite lengthy for a GBA game.

Overall 8.7/10

SRT:OG is almost like Fire Emblem with robots and lasers in it. Although your mech still lives on, even when they die in the previous battle. The great story, good battle system and awesome animations makes this an excellent game. If you love tactical game, you should try this.

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