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    Aug 3, 2006
    I bring you the review of Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 (JP) for those who are waiting for it to come out in US.

    For those who don't care, let's move on. This game will be release for the US this Fall of the year 2006(from gamefaqs)


    I am a huge fan of Super Robot Taisen Series and have been playing it since the release of SRT(Super Robot Taisen) 3 for SNES, and trust me, it's getting better!

    In this sequal to one of the greatest sci-fi anime strategy game of all time, the story thus continues from the SRT:OG. The story starts off with a pilot named Lamia Loveless, piloting a robot called Angelg(not a mispell word). Looks like she has been follows by several bad guys who wants to capture her. Later, the ATX Team(Kyosuke, Excellen,and Bullet) shows up to help the unknown pilot and the story continues.

    If you think the OG's animation is good? OG2 will make you think that OG's animation is totally sucks. Yes! A big improvement. The robots moves even more than the OG. They also keep all the goods that has been hanging from the OG also, including the Spirit System, Upgradable Mechs/Pilots, and Battle Mastery Points. Now, something for something new. In OG2 The overall design has been improve by a lot, including even more combination moves. In OG there are only 2 combination moves(Rampage Ghost, and R-Formation). To achieve Battle Mastery Point, this one is even harder than the OG. Some characters in the past OG were given even more important role in the game and new mech!

    What can you guess, my friends? More animation and more cutscene showing an animated pictures of a real size mech. The demo of the fight is still the SD version. In this one you will experience some really long animation in the fight demo, but you can always skip it using B button or just disable the demo of the fight scene.

    What can you expect more, some old soundstracks have been remade, and adding an additional option for the user to be able to choose the music for your pilot(YES! more Varieties). The new music in this one will definitely blow your mind out. Just a great improvement from the OG's.

    Replay Value:

    Unlike the OG. You don't have to choose your main character, but after you play about 10 episodes or so, you will be ask to choose your route which give you different story. It's depends on you, but after all, the story will rejoin at the near-end episodes and finally blowing up the final boss. In the story, there are about 3 or 4 times that you can choose your route as you play

    SRT series have been doing this like its tradition like secret mechs/characters for you to unlock as you advance through the episodes. When you beat the game once you will unlock EX-Hard mode(You can't customize the mechs' weapons power and the Pilot Points will cost you double of the original price). Then after the EX-Hard mode, you will unlock Special mode which let you upgrade everything(up to 10 blocks for each mechs).


    Gameplay - Now, with even more combination moves, new mechs, and new characters. 9/10
    Graphic - A lot better animation than OG's, some animated cutscene of the real shapes mechs. 9/10
    Sound - You will be amaze when you hear it. Because it is THAT MUCH BETTER! 10/10
    Replay-ability - There is one mech that required you to replay and you can not miss that! plus you keep abou 30% of your money when you beat the game and keep (double, I think) PPs of all your pilots. 9/10
    Overall - If you like the OG, you will not want to miss the sequal. Robots, Anime characters, Amazing animation, and challenging game play. It's like watching the anime itself. 10/10

    Final Rating: 9.4/10

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