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Aug 3, 2006
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Super Robot Taisen J (Most likely will not be translated and release in US my guess is copyright problem)


It's one of the best animation and graphic out there, but too bad It most likely will not come out for the US mainly because of copyright problem(you see how many robots are from different animes?). I'm reviewing this game as a long time fan of super robot taisen series and believe that this serie is one of the best game(who's with me), please,(try to)Enjoy the review.
Before the SRW J release, there were the old one in order from old to the newest A,R,OG,D, OG2, and J.In this one, unlike the Original Generation, Only main character will be the Banpresto's original and certain baddies' units. Others? From famous anime. So, expect to find some familiar faces. This is the list of the anime:
-Gundam Seed (nope, no destiny)
-G Gundam
-Full Metal Panic
-Voltes V
-Combattler V
-Brain Powered


The gameplay is always the same for every Super Robot Taisen Series. The use can move the mech around in the mech. It's a turn-based strategy game so expect certain requirement to be complete the stage in certain turn. All the mech you owns are all fully upgradable, both weapons and mech stats. In this one it has a small game that let you earn some extra great items and money call "Tsume Suparobo" It's a serie of mini map for you to complete. Each time you beat the episode, you will unlock one.


So far this release has the best animation thus far. I would count as it better than SRW alpha and alpha gaiden for PS1(the sprites not the special effects like explosion and stuff). Some cutscene has the full size robot, and most of the time when you order the attack, you will see the anime pilot's face.

like this one or similar. I recommend to choose the female original character. Just because when she use her moves, it's just... you will see. It may be inappropriate to mention it in the board......-''-; bouncing jugs....there.......No i'm not showing it. Go find it on YouTube or something.


Since A, R and D. SRW J also has been using the same sound engine as the other(not OG). It sound just simply sucks. It is even worse when you play OG before. Original Generation has it's own sound engine which make it really great, especially OG2. This really is the only bad part about this release, because it release after OG2, making people think that the music is going to be better.


After beating the game, the you will be able to choose the pilot's spirit before the game start in any order. the extended upgrade point will still be there. and if you beat the game 3 times, each with different original robot, you will gain a new original robot at the start of the 4th replay. have fun.


Gameplay - The game is usually great, giving a strategy feeling. 8/10
Graphic - The best animation for this serie in GBA ever! 10/10
Sound - I'm rather dissappoint in this one because of the sound. If it could be like the Original Generation series... 6/10
Replay-ability - The game is pretty long and rather very hard in this one, but the secret unit will worth the price 7/10
Overall - Not so bad for the (probably)last Super Robot Serie on GBA 8/10

Final Rating: 7.8 / 10
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