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    Jul 9, 2006
    Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival Review
    By: Bernie Yee


    1. Introduction / Story
    2. Gameplay
    3. Graphics and Sound
    4. Replay
    5. Conclusion

    Introduction / Story
    Street Fighter 2 was an instant classic when it was released on the SNES, and since then, there have been many sequels and collaborations with other fighter games, e.g. X-Men vs. Street Fighter. And now it comes to you on the GBA, another instant classic!

    The story is the same as the typical Street Fighter. You select a character to play as in a Martial Arts Tournament and the winner is crowned the World’s Strongest Fighter.


    Gameplay – 10
    There are 4 modes in this game, “arcade,” “VS,” and “time attack,” and “survival,” which are unlockables. You can unlock these by getting a certain amount of points, which is located on the bottom of the main menu. To get points, you play through modes and by beating opponents senseless.

    Arcade mode is the usual mode where you fight other CPU opponents with the character you selected. Every character has their own set of moves, and is equipped with their signature moves, e.g. the Hadoken and Tiger Uppercut. The buttons and controls are fluid with excellent graphics compared to the other fighters on the GBA, e.g. Mortal Kombat, a giant piece of poop. If you think the controls are awkward, you can also set them to your liking.

    VS mode requires two copies of the game and a link cable hooked up between you and a buddy.

    Survival and time attack lets you play against difficult opponents and provides an excellent challenge as well as letting you play the barrel and car smash mini-games.


    Graphics and Sound - 10
    Only one word can define the graphics in this game, fudgetastic. The detail is amazing and if you compare them to most of the other GBA games, this game easily surpasses them.

    The old tunes from the SNES version are back and better. Be ready for revamped music and sense of nostalgia to go through your entire body. The sound effects are extremely well done and there’s nothing better than hearing Ryu say “Hadoken!” and the noise it makes when it lands on the opponent.


    Replay – 10
    There’s nothing like spending 3 minutes on the toilet actually doing your business and spending the other 27 minutes with your butt glued down and your hands on your handheld playing this game. The game is extremely addicting and the AI was well-engineered.

    No one can get bored of Street Fighter; it’s just one of those games that many people will never seem to be able to put down and this redesigned port for the GBA is the proof.


    Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival is one of those rare titles that everyone loves and needs a fix of. This port from the SNES is excellent and deserves the 10 out of 10 rating.

    I highly recommend this to every fighting game lover and for those that aren’t to give this game a try, you won’t regret it.

    SCORE = 10/10

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