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    Jul 9, 2006
    Sprung: The Dating Game Review
    By: Bernie Yee


    1. Introduction / Story
    2. Gameplay
    3. Graphics and Sound
    4. Replay
    5. Conclusion

    Introduction / Story
    A dating game set in the mountains. Doesn’t that sound romantic? Not exactly when you aren’t hooked up with anyone =P.

    There are two friends, Brett and Becky. They both like each other, but being childhood friends, they do not want to say anything yet to each other because they are afraid it might wreck their friendship. But they’re not the only ones on the trip, their friends are coming along too and they also meet new people, which all adds up in this dramatic dating game!

    Gameplay – 7
    Sprung is a story game where you pick lines and interact with other people. All you have to do is read what the person is talking to you, and you are given a list of responses you can reply with. There are many varieties in dialogue and the way you interact affects the way the character reacts to you.

    Within a chapter, there are many scenes and within those scenes, there are checkpoints. If you mess up, you can restart the checkpoint or scene. The beginning of a scene often expands from there and to a checkpoint if the scene is long.

    The game also has a lot of humor and I found myself laughing a lot throughout the whole game, especially when you’re stuck and you use the pepper spray on the person you talk to, haha.

    Gameplay-wise, the game wasn’t really original, but its one of the few of its kind on the Nintendo DS.


    Graphics and Sound - 8
    The graphics aren’t by any means eye-candy, but they’re pretty good. The characters often switch emotions and you can tell by their character animation. Backgrounds are often reused in many different scenes.

    There are no voice-overs that go along with the text, but that’s fine as the game itself is still very good. The music and ambience are pretty good although like the backgrounds, they are often reused a lot.


    Replay – 6
    This game doesn’t really have much replay value besides doing both Brett and Becky’s story (you can switch between either of them when you start the game up).

    Too bad the game didn’t allow you to select a single scene to retry, because I remember messing up a few times and that affected my game ending =P.

    Sprung is an average game all-around that many people can simply grasp and start playing. The story is very original and the humor mixed in is excellent.

    I would not recommend this game if you are an action game fanatic, but I would if you want a decent simulation game that involves interaction with the opposite sex in hopes of raising your chances of getting girlfriends.

    FINAL SCORE = 7/10

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