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    Welcome to the Review Forum!

    We want to see the best reviews we can on this forum, so here are some guidelines to go by as you're writting your review.
    • Only a moderator of this forum, a Global mod, or above can approve a post in this board. This is an attempt to cut down on spam posts and keep all posts relevant to reviews. Submissions of your reviews are done normally by posting, but you will not see your post until one of the mods approve it.
    • Only one topic will be created per game. If you submit a review, it will be added to the relevant topic. It is expected of each review to be independent, that is, we won't find any comments on other reviews, like "so-and-so's review is utter crap," "I can't see how so-and-so found the bosses so easy," or so on. You're reviewing the game, not another person's review.
    • If you haven't beaten the game, don't even think about sending a review. We want to know as much as we can about the game, including bosses, secret levels, and how replayable it is. We don't need to know about only the first 3 levels.
    • It's suggested you break your reviews down into various aspects of the game, such as gameplay, graphics, story, etc. Numeric scores aren't required, but some form of final rating is. Please try to stray from using decimals in your scores (such as 9.4 and 8.7). Screenshots are only required if your review is the first one of a given game, though they aren't limited to only that one review. It's also suggested you format your reviews, using headings and so forth.
    • If you're posting a review, at the very least spellcheck it. Proper capitalization, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and so on make reviews so much easier to read, and if you don't do it, mods handling the reviews will have to, and chances are if they have to edit a review they will instead opt to not post it.
    • DO NOT PM a mod asking how they're coming on your review. Mods reserve the right to not post a review, and to not inform the submitter of this. If a review is up to a given mod's quality standards, then it will go up. This is your incentive to write as good a review as you can!
    • Finally, DO NOT submit a review more than once, especially if the review has already been declined. If you continually post the same review, it will get to the point that we won't bother looking at it. Which is bad, since you could write an awesome review, but we're not going to care since you tried posting your last review 20 times.
    Thank you, and happy reviewing!

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