[review]Ridge Racer© 3D[for Nintendo 3DS]

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    Name: Ridge racer 3D
    Publisher/developer: Namco Bandai
    Date of release: 25-03-2011(Europe)

    Hi there long time ago! Welcome back to one of my reviews! This time I'll review Ridge racer 3D for you. Ridge Racer 3D is an arcade racer by Namco, Namco is well known from Xevious and Pac-Man. Those elemens I did call are found back in this game! In form off game icons. Well nothing special to be honest. Ridge Racer 3D is a launch game from the 3DS launch. Most people thought Street Fighter IV was the best but I think that that's not true. Ridge Racer 3D is not perfect, but still it easily can defeat Super Street Fighter IV on many aspects! I bought Ridge Racer 3D after I sold a few things. I tried it and I loved it, since the controls are somewhat comparable to Mario Kart! YEAH! The drifting system is the most important part if you compare this to Mario Kart, drifting goes really smooth an well I nearly need to make the same moves as I usually make in Mario Kart. Enough about comparisons.

    Excuse me, what did ya say?

    Ridge Racer is often seen as an arcade racer. I personally don't know what an arcade racer is.... Most people say it is er well who are those people? I don't know. Geheh but Ridge Racer, what is it? Ridge Racer most important points are:
    • Drifting
    • Nitrous(Gained by drifting)
    • Shifting if you chose manual instead of automatic.
    • Gaining the first place in the race.
    Thats all that Ridge Racer expects from you. This is getting boring. Right? Kay let's talk something different, why is everybody whining about talking girls, some other stuff which I can't remember. Well whazzup with the talking girl? Like in every RR game you hear a girl talking to you; Catch up with the front-liners! Pass this guy to take the lead. It is getting a little bumpy here. I am getting sick. BLEGH even I hate here. But I must admit you'll get used to it. It's just she talks at the wrong moments, like when I need to shift from 5 to 1 since I made a mayor slowdown, then she says AUCH! If I bump in something etc. Or when your in a heavy an heating battle, this is the final corner! Yeah tell me something I did not know! She also tells you if your second of first. Yeah bitch I know I am at the first place but Shut the Fuck up. I did not search for an option to let her STFU but I gonna search.(Of course it will result I shut up the male also which gives some useful info, like which lap you are and he only talks when you are selecting you car.

    Jup this is Ridge racer.

    Well let's get some positive things. Multiplayer? yes! Online? Sorry nope. Only Multicard and you trade saved ghost data with street Pass! So I can exchange my Ghost Data with others? YES! But the Multiplayer works well I have no points I want to talk about on. How is the controls? great! :D You have 8 different scheme's which are clear and look pretty nice! I personaly preffer the one with L+R as Brake and throttle. Also if you like more info on the music, the genre is techno like. I love the music, I did hate it at my first confrontation with it, but now I like it like Call of Aspara and Ridge racer. Search on youtube!(
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    Well ... this review was full of personality. :P

    Questions: What's with all the copyrighting and what's the "Cool Blue" label about?
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    Seems to be a Belgian webshop: link
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    I like this game. Even though the graphics 'suck', the drifting mechanics are solid.

    The only thing I dislike is the repetition of tracks.
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    For my feeling the tracks are always different, I never drove on the same track.(I saw something about Reversed Mirrored etc.?) So the tracks never bore me at all

    Graphics are looking good to me. it is a launch game so... But if you look in the back-window of your car then I completely agree with you.