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    Pokemon Emerald is a great redux on the Sapphire/Emerald duo. Update graphics, extra features, and a continuation of the series seem to be enough reason to pick it up. The big question: is it really worth a pickup for any owner of Pokemon Sapphire or Pokemon Ruby? Read on to find out.


    Gameplay is solid, if not spectacular. Pretty much your general Pokemon games in terms of battle style and such. One of the most welcome new features is two on two battles. It makes for some great strategy creation, as well as just a new twist on a classic gameplay. I think that it also further encourages players of the game to crank up their training throughout their party, instead of creating one powerhouse.

    The Emerald rendition of the series, as compared to Ruby and Sapphire, features many new changes in gameplay. First, the berry glitch has been fixed. If you aren't aware, the berry glitch would cause the game's clock to cease movement. Next, both Kyogre and Groudon, the Ruby and Sapphire cover stars, can be captured, as opposed to just one. Team Magma and Team Aqua are both involved. Players can also face off against the gym leaders again following the defeat of the Elite Four. Also, Professor Birch will hand over a Johto starter following the Elite Four's defeat. Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, and Deoxys are now in the game, as well. Rounding out the list of notable additions is this: the Battle Frontier, a challenging series of fights. It definitely adds some great replay value and challenge. Overall the changelog in the gameplay department rounds out to be a great list of additions, and I have simply hit the high points.


    The question you have to ask yourself as a consumer is this: is it worth the $30? I mean, really, the storyline is about the same, and you have to go through the same progression. I think that the big list of changes is a good reason you might take a look at this as flashcart or rental worthy. If you haven't played a 3rd generation Pokemon game already, this should be a great reason to get you out and playing.

    Rating: 9/10


    Graphics look sharp- better than ever, in fact. I find that a lot of the game is now centered around the emerald color. How cute.

    Also, it's interesting to note that many more of the GBA's colors are used. Many of the backgrounds were redrawn just to take advantage of a new technology in GBA hardware. What was this change? The addition of backlit screens on the ever more popular Gameboy Advance SP, which was picking up momentum quickly.

    The Pokemon also start off the battle with a bit of animation, which is always a nice touch. According to Wikipedia, the font was replaced, which is a relief from that narrow, sore eye causing font from Ruby and Sapphire.

    The third generation of Pokemon games look completely unique and very satisfying. The colors are bright, and little animations and nice touches are a great bonus.

    Definitely a nice step up in the graphics department, and a game that makes the GBA's visuals shine.


    Rating: 10/10


    Sound is recognizable, upbeat, and cheery. Fits into a Pokemon game very well. All of the town's sounds were recognizable to me as a regressed through the game, looking for Pokemon I had missed along the way.

    Pokemon cries sound good, and an update from the last version of the game for sure.

    The sound is basic, but enjoyable. Keep it simple, stupid.

    Rating: 8/10


    Replay value is definitely there. As I mentioned, there's the expansive Battle Frontier that is plenty a challenge for any Pokemon master. Of course, there is the usual ton of Pokemon that you have to try to catch.

    You can also link up and battle or trade with a friend. Unlike Ruby and Sapphire, this version features support for the underused wireless adapter.

    As usual, you'll find yourself spending a ton of time leveling your Pokemon up, even after you beat the Elite Four, if for no other reason that just for kicks.

    Also, I think that the Pokemon games automatically get a +1 replay value boost, if for no reason other than the way that people become attached to their Pokemon. I don't know what it is, but somehow, it just keeps eating at me (Seinfeld allusion) knowing that I have Pokemon that are just sitting on my game cart.

    Overall, the game will keep you coming back again and again.

    Rating: 9/10


    I have to say- Pokemon Emerald exceeds what I had hoped for. Updated everything and a long replay value will definitely keep you coming back again and again, a hallmark of this series.

    Overall, I'm going to recommend that people who haven't played Ruby or Sapphire in a while or didn't play it at all should pick it up, while people who have recently finished that duo should maybe wait.

    Final Mathematical Score: 80/100

    Mathematical explanation:
    Each category is given a mathematical weight, so that each category matters more than others. Obviously, gameplay is more important than sound. Also, I plan on eventually revising the weights, but here goes the current scale:

    Gameplay: Weight of 4 (times score)
    Graphics: Weight of 2 (times score)
    Sound: Weight of 2 (times score)
    Replay Value: Weight of 2 (times score)

    So, the score for this game is like this:
    Gameplay: 4x(9)
    Graphics: 2x(10)
    Sound: 2x(8)
    Replay Value: 2x(9)

    Add them all up, and you get... 80/100

    This has been a Volsfan91 review of Share your thoughts, comments, or opinions through private message if you so choose!

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