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    Jul 9, 2006
    Point Blank DS Review
    By: Bernie Yee

    Sorry, I couldn't find the cover art

    1. Introduction / Story
    2. Gameplay
    3. Graphics and Sound
    4. Replay
    5. Conclusion

    Introduction / Story
    Are you one of those people that spends numerous hours at the arcades playing light gun games? Do you like to play alternative light gun games compared to House of the Dead and Time Crisis? Also, do you happen to have a Nintendo DS? If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, then you need Point Blank DS! But what exactly is Point Blank you ask. Well, Point Blank was originally created for arcades by Namco in the mid 1990s and you got to use light guns, which at the time were pretty revolutionary.

    The game was a huge success and eventually Point Blank 2 and 3 were rolled out and now it comes to your DS by the name of Point Blank DS.

    There is no story in this game; it’s just fun pointless shooting at its finest form.


    Gameplay – 8
    Since the original games both used light guns, you’re probably wondering how the heck we are going to play this game… but it’s simple, we have a touch-screen that can imitate shooting of the gun! Pretty cool, huh? Basically, think of WarioWare for the DS + arcade light gun games. Everything is handled with the stylus in this game, so be sure to have one handy!

    There are 5 playable modes, arcade, brain massage, game museum, freeplay and VS.

    Arcade mode is where most the action is. There are 4 modes, practice, beginner, advanced and insane to match your skill. If you played the original ones on the Playstation or in arcades, you might be disappointed to know that the amount of stages playable in arcade mode has been cut in half. It is no longer 16, but only 8 modes before the final stage. There are many mini-games randomly selected for you and they’re all usually the “shoot x number of x targets” to “shoot x number of ninjas,” etc.

    Games Museum throws in a bunch of oldies from other arcade games and throws them all in the museum. You’ll be able to play each and every one.

    Freeplay is basically practice mode where you get to practice every mini-game you have unlocked.

    Brain Massage isn’t like Big Brain Academy if that’s what you are thinking, haha. It’s a bunch of brain thinking oriented mini-games. You pick a style of brain games and you will quickly be thrown into a 4 game series. At the end, you’ll be given a score and title depending on your performance.

    VS mode lets you send out download play for other DSes only, no multi-card play, and that’s IF you even find two copies of this rare game.


    Graphics and Sound - 7
    The graphics are okay. The game seems to be pretty cartoon influenced. There are many colors and different sprites, although the graphics could’ve been better.
    Same deal with the sounds, average all-around and could’ve been better.

    Replay – 8
    This game has a pretty good replay value. If you want to play free arcade-like gun games, Point Blank should be your first choice. It’s free to play (once you buy it) and no matter what, you always have infinite continues! The game is pretty addictive and loads of fun.
    You can always unlock 3 more sets of mini-games by simply getting good scores (not sure what that number is).


    Point Blank DS is a pretty good updated arcade game that has been ported to the DS. The controls are intuitive and easy.
    Beginners will absolutely love this game, so will DS action seekers =D. I highly recommend this game if you love WarioWare, Feel the Magic/The Rub Rabbits, etc.

    FINAL SCORE = 7.5/10

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