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    Dec 2, 2004
    United States
    - Introduction
    Hello everyone! For my second review I picked up the "air form game pouch" by Pocket Design. I got it from ebay, and you wont belive the price I paid for it.

    Nintendo DS Lite NDS Carry Game Console Case gp1Blk 1 0.99 GBP 0.99 GBP
    Shipping & Handling via Standard Delivery to XXXXX
    (includes any seller handling fees) £3.99 GBP
    Shipping Insurance (optional): --

    Total: £4.98 GBP (or $9.49 USD)
    Thats not too bad!


    - Contents/Features
    The box it came in was all in Chinese, but that doesent matter, I don't need to know what they think of their own case. Thats what the review is for.
    This case is very soft, and has about a ½inch on both top and bottom to cushin the DS lite. Inside the case is a small flap that holds (3) ds games and (1) stylus. It also has a small bag to store some extra stuff in. I put my dust cover in the bag, but it didn't work out so well, which I will explain later.
    It holds the DS Lite in by a small elastic strap, you can actually play the DS inside this case. Changing games however is a problem.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    - Performance
    Like I said before you can play your DS Lite while its in the case.
    However, if you want to change games, you have to take off the elastic strap, and its kind of a pain to do. This strap goes right in the crease of the hinge and although its pretty well secure in the case, every time you want to change a game you have to pull the DS Lite out of the case to do so.

    The case closes well, if you dont have anything in that bag. I had my dust cover inside the bag and it felt like I was going to break it if I zipped up the bag.[​IMG]
    But if you dont put anything in the bag, it zipps up fine and works great. You feel that your DS Lite is protected very well.

    The bag also has a carry strap, which is a little long, but its nice to have a way to carry the case other than holding it. You could wrap it around your wrist, that what I did when I started using this case.

    - Overall
    This is a nice case, and well worth the price. I was a little upset that the bag wouldnt hold much without smushing the DS and making it feel like whatever was in the bag would break. But for 10 bucks, I dont need to use the bag. If they would have only put another DS game holder flap instead of the bag. The elastic strap is kind of annoying, if you want to change games at all, but if you have all the games you want on a cart then it probably wont bother you too much. The case is nice and you get the feeling that your DS Lite is protected very well. I would recommend this case as a cheap and easy fix to a non-case problem.

    -DS Lite is well protected
    -Holds 3 games and extra stylus
    -Carry strap is nice
    -Price can't be beat.

    -Cant Really put anything into the bag
    -Although the strap is nice, its a little long.

    ( score 7/10 )

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