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    Nov 22, 2003
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    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

    Capcom’s original lawyer drama, brought stateside! Capcom took a chance with this game, and they’ve hit the gold mine, seeing how Phoenix Wright has sold out everywhere and it was even deemed worthy of a reprint. It’s game that has no reflex tests, but rather thinking skills in a courtroom. In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, you are the lawyer, investigator, and at one point, a “murderer”. Plus, you get to yell “OBJECTION” at your DS to, you’ll never guess, throw an objection in the court room (its just as cool as it sounds).

    The original concept is that you are Phoenix Wright, a lawyer who works for Mia Fey, and compete against your arch rival, Miles Edgeworth. The game consists of five cases, and numerous interrogations and courtroom appearances. The premise of the game is to go to different places, such as lawyer offices and parks, to investigate crime scenes along with interviewing crime suspects for information and evidence. Specifically, you would go up to people, talk to them and try and gather as much information as possible to get a leg up on the competition. You can also show your suspects and witnesses key evidence to get them to jog their memory and reveal new information. You can also look at profiles in your case book to review your witnesses and suspects shady or clean past. During court trials, you bring key witnesses and suspects to cross examine their testimony and find their inconsistencies. The whole courtroom part of the game takes place with you trying to nail your suspects with their testimonies or other people’s testimonies and key evidence that you have in your briefcase. However, be wary, because each wrong guess from you gives a strike against you, and too many strikes against you will get you kicked out of the courtroom and will end your game. It’ll restart your case all over from the last checkpoint, and can be quite frustrating when you are in a key point of the case only to accuse wrongly and get restarted at your last checkpoint, usually right before the courtroom part of the case starts. It’s definitely key to know that even when you’ve think you’ve broken down your suspect, he or she can just deny it right out, and you’ll be out of the courtroom to find more evidence. Each case has a max of three days, because of the futuristic trial system, where after three days in court, a case will end. It’s a good thing that it’s three days, because you as Phoenix will need every last one of them. One great thing about detective work is the fingerprint dusting and luminol reactions during episode five, which involve rigorously looking through your evidence for fingerprints and the such. There are also several instances where you have to review police tapes, and fix broken vases. This original formula is definitely bound to be a cult classic hit, already set for a sequel slated for Q4 2006.

    The graphics are nothing special. In the beginning of each case is a graphical interlude or introduction, where you can see the story unfold, such as the original first case, where a lady is murdered. It doesn’t reveal too much, as to ruin the case, but enough for you to get the background information. The people are on the top screen, and you can see their emotions change. The graphics are also somewhat influenced by anime style Japanese drawings, though it is to be expected. The best graphical tidbits are the parts in the courtroom when you scream Objection and Hold It. Those crazy blurbs have now become video game history, with even T-shirts being based on the famous Phoenix sayings.

    The musical score is definitely above par. There are several crime scene music pieces, along with the musical piece you distinctly hear when discovering a clue, or busting a witness. Just like the graphics, the sound clips for Objection and Hold It are now held in video game history.

    Lasting Replay
    The lasting replay of this game is quite short. Because once you’ve played the game, you know exactly what has happened, so there is no challenge or surprise anymore. There is not much to do after beating the game, unless you are somebody who likes to go through a game a second time to pick up on funny details you’ve missed on your first time around.

    This game is definitely a must own. Show some support for Capcom and make sure they know that they’ve made the “Wright” decision on bringing Phoenix Wright to America. Hats off to Capcom on taking a huge risk with this game and bringing such an original formula to the DS, and can’t wait for the next installment in this series. Also, wanted to put a plug for the Phoenix Wright OST, this game just has such a unique soundtrack.



    Gameplay - 10/10
    Graphics - 7/10
    Sound - 9/10
    Lasting Replay - 6/10
    Overall - 9/10 (Not an average)

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