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Apr 15, 2006
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Passcard 2 Review
by The Spade

My choice of a passme device was based on what was available and compatible with my M3 Mini-SD Adapter. Passkey 2, the cheapest, was dismissed because of its inconvenience. Flashing, the most potentially dangerous to your wallet, was just too risky for someone who had no intentions of voiding his warranty. Datel's Max Media Launcher might have been a good purchase, if they knew how to run their online shop. Finally, we have the Passcard 2, which is a bit more pricey than Datel's. I ordered from Jandaman, whom I had dealt with before in the past.

Upon arrival, I opened the padded envelope to find the Passcard 2 packaged in a simple, glossy, cardboard box. Contained inside was the Passcard 2 itself set in a plastic insert and a mini-CD. The instructions in English and Chinese are contained within along with the 1 file you will need on the CD. I wish I could elaborate more on what's in the box, but it's very simplistic, folks.

Upon examining the Passcard 2, its feel definitely tells you that it is contructed very well. Unlike a real game card, there are a set of screws present on the back rather than the traditional snap casing. The reason the Passcard 2 works so well, is because mounted inside is a real game ROM, usually Pac & Roll (US), which helps to explain the additional cost. No, you cannot play whatever game ROM is inside. You can see the area the ROM was mounted upon on the rear side plastic, as it caused some creasing when it was installed. Regardless, it doesn't take away from its rugid build.

Though the Passcard 2 appears to be the same dimensions as a standard card, upon inserting it into the DS (Lite), you will notice that it is a bit snug. It appears to be less than a millimeter wider, but it did become easier to insert after several times. There shouldn't be any worries about damaging your DS card port. At least it doesn't stick out like a growth as some passmes do. After all, that is the novelty of the Passcard 2. And yes, Sleep Mode does work.

To save the headache of reading bad English, and for those of my fellow owners who were confused about the steps, here's how you set up your Passcard 2 (do NOT insert the Passcard 2 immediately):

1) Load the mini-CD into your computer.
2) Have your M3's media card (or G6) in their respective reader.
3) Copy and paste the .dat file on the mini-CD directly into your device's root directory.
4) Remove your media card, place it into the M3, then insert your M3/G6 into the GBA Slot.
5) Turn on your DS (Lite), reach the M3/G6 menu and turn off your DS.
6) Insert the Passcard 2 into the DS Card Slot.
7) Turn on your DS (Lite) and reach the menu.
8) Play. Simple isn't it?

Supercard and EZ-Flash IV owners may have noticed that I didn't mention them. The Passcard 2 was made specifically for the M3 and G6, though Supercard users can relax. It has been successfully tested with CF and SD versions. I have no confirmed information for EZ-Flash IV owners, as it currently does not work with Max Media Launcher. If you own EZ-Flash IV or another card, then you may want to wait and see. Should I learn more on this, I'll update this review.

There are only a few drawbacks of the Passcard 2. The first, obviously, is the price. At about $35 USD, it is the most expensive. If you plan on flashing your DS (Lite) in the future, then the Passcard 2 isn't for you. The final issue is the increased DS battery usage. When using the Passcard 2 on a fully charged original DS battery, I was able to get just short of 7 hours of gameplay instead of the usual 10 hours. That's about a third less playtime. Fortunately, there is an easy workaround for this. When booting your DS, once you reach the menu, remove the Passcard 2 and insert a genuine card. You will be able to load your games and such, but you must insert your Passcard 2 once again when turning it back on in order to save your games on M3 and G6.


- Same size as a standard DS card
- Solid build
- Simple installation and performance
- Zero programming
- Excellent choice for those who don't wish to flash

- Additional battery consumption
- Non-M3/G6 support is currently unknown
- Most expensive passme device to date
- Those who plan to flash should pass on this

MY SCORE: 8.5 out of 10

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