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    Nov 22, 2003
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    DS Lite

    The DS Lite, Nintendo’s upgrade for the DS. Wonderful piece of hardware, very light, easy on the eyes, and milky white smooth, just like a certain fruit named technology company. The DS Lite has an extended battery life than the Phat, and has even brighter screens, if believable. Quite the piece of hardware, it is, and upon booting up, you are greeted with the introduction interface, asking for your birthday and the time and date, and the general questions. When done, the Lite is restarted, and your gaming nirvana can begin.

    The DS Lite has noticeably, two screens. The speakers have been cut down significantly from the Phat DS, and the sound is hindered, but it can be fixed with a nice pair of headphones. Accordingly, next to the headphone jack, is a microphone jack for a headset, making it easier to talk in certain DS games, like Nintendogs, or Metroid Prime Hunters multiplayer mode. The microphone has been shifted towards the center of the DS screen, and makes it easier to use, due to the placement being smack dab in the center of the DS Lite hinge. Also, noteworthy, is the new placement of the charging and power on light, which can now be seen when the DS is closed. Useful for when charging the DS and to know when the DS is on and off or done charging. The buttons and D Pad have been changed, but not too significantly. The Start and Select buttons have been pushed to the side, rather than on top of the ABXY buttons. And probably the most important button change, the power button is now a switch. No more accidental power offs during those intense sessions of Metroid Prime Hunters because now, it is a switch on the right side on the DS.
    One of the best upgrades in the DS is the lighting. It has 4 settings, the lights off, the original Phatty DS setting, the default DS Lite setting, and the “tanning booth” setting, which is mind numbingly bright.
    The DS Lite, according to name, is slimmed down. The GBA slot has been slimmed, and the original GBA games stick a bit out, not fitting flush, but they still work. The DS Lite also comes with a dustcap, to be flush with the GBA slot and to be kept inside, and keep dust away, hence the name. The stylus is a bit larger, and longer, making it a bit easier to hold, and the whole system has a shiny gloss finish. Everything else is the same as the original DS. The interface of DS Download play, Pictochat, DS and GBA game functionality are all there.

    Overall, this is more of an aesthetic upgrade to the classic DS. It does breathe life into old games due to the upgraded light system, making colors pop out more, especially in dark color games like Castlevania. If you have the money, or are new to the whole DS system, go for a Lite. It is definitely the sexiest handheld Nintendo has put out in a while, not to mention, there are a few bundles (in Japan), such as the Final Fantasy III engraved DS Lite, and the upcoming Pokemon Black engraved DS Lite.



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