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    Micro Machines

    Title Screen

    The Micro Machines series is well known top down view racing classic with over 6 versions being released on various consoles. The main difference from this and other racing games is that here you control miniature cars on everyday places from the garden to the breakfast and even a snooker table. Along with many power-up items to collect and use this has had many hits.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Title Screen

    The game begins in the main menu where you can choose which type of race you wish to participate in as well as the chance of editing your options (that are very limited). There are a few mini-games such as “Time Trail” and “Bomb Tag” where you have to pass on a bomb on to an opponent before the timer runs out and it explodes. This mini-game does seem a little too easy as it seems that the opponent will still follow you when you are holding the bomb. With mini-games like these though it should be good for a quick play. In total there are 16 different tracks to race on in one of 40 different vehicles.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Title Screen

    The game really starts to come into play when you select the “Championship” mode.


    You begin by choosing one of up to 5 playable characters (with another 3 to unlock), all of whom have that comical look to them which may appeal more to younger gamers. There really isn’t much of a plot to this game and in this case there really doesn’t need to be one. Your main aim is to work your way though the cups winning as many races as possible without loosing all your attempts (or lives as it is displayed). You are before and after races given the opportunity to sort out your well earned cash, whether it is to set bets and buy items or by using your collected symbols from each race and trading them in for rewards.

    Before racing you’re given the opportunity to choose which vehicle you wish to drive in (some being exclusive to certain tracks). This does offer a bit of variety as the characters you choose from don’t offer any unique abilities, but choosing which vehicle to race in won’t have too much of a significant difference. This (unrealistically) means that you can participate in a race in a truck that can run just as fast as your opponents who are riding on bikes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though as the Micro Machines series have mainly been based on small speedy cars and having fun.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The vehicles are surprisingly hard to control, you really have to be careful to stay on the track which is made really difficult as you can’t see that much further down the screen. As seen in previous games you automatically restart at the point in which you went off the track but this only makes the game even more unforgiving especially with the visibility difficulties. Not only does this end up being a really hard game to complete, but it makes it really annoying seeing your opponents who seem to be stuck to the track (unless of course you bash into them or use a power-up). For some this can be a challenge for those who think these types of games are too easy.



    The graphics are good enough for this game but with them being so plain it can be at times hard to see where the track is. Again because of the visibility (in terms of seeing where you are going) you will have problems. For example, the sudden huge obstacles can pop up out of nowhere and sometimes block your vision when it comes to steering your vehicle. This game pretty much requires trial and error to finish unless you are really good.
    The only real good points to the graphics are the comical looking characters and the occasional funny giant looking objects (e.g. a shoe or fork) being left around the track that’ll have you dodging them in all directions.



    Round Up

    Despite this being Micro Machines I don’t really like this game and I think that you will enjoy other games such as Karnaaj Rally and Racing Gears Advance. The game has quite a few tracks which will keep you busy for a while at least and there are mini games and a multiplayer mode to try out as well. Codemasters could have done much better with this title; this is one game which just isn’t for me.

    + Should be able to pick one up for a cheap price
    + There’s multiplayer available
    + A bit of thought required when spending
    your well earned cash

    - Music isn’t that great
    - Nothing new featured that we haven’t already seen
    - The music’s kinda crap

    Overall 6/10

    Written by dice

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