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Nov 22, 2003
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Q? Entertainment’s very own unique puzzler, Meteos, is an “astronomical” hit. When first turning on the game, you are greeted by an awesome opening movie and storyline, showing how a plane Meteos is trying to take over the universe. You as a player, have to save the planets by launching junk blocks at the planet Meteo. The entire game is based off a simple puzzle, but the take off is that there are many different planets with different graphical styles, which creates for a unique experience.

The entire game takes place on one screen. The concept is simple. Line up 3 or more same pattern blocks, launch blocks at your opponents. The graphics are plain and simple. Each block is uniquely colored and has a distinct shape for easier set up. There are several modes, being simple, star trip, time war, and deluge. Simple is basically an exhibition match against the computers, Time War is a time attack for high scores, and deluge is a non timed high score event. Star Trip is the story mode of the game, where you must face several planets in a row to reach the final planet battle with Meteo. The entire game is built on the concept of high scores, just like any good puzzle game should be based upon. The other portion of the game is the collecting of planet stages. To unlock new stages, one would play Meteos and launch different color blocks, or resources. Each launched resource block, or Meteos, would let you forge new items, sounds to listen to, or new planets to play on. Interestingly enough, each planet has its own tile set and musical pattern. The music is unique to each level, which is probably one of the most prominent features of the game. The gameplay, deep down, is a classic puzzle game of connecting 3 blocks in a row.

The graphics are simple, with the exception of a few explosions when launching Meteos, and when dieing. The tile sets for each planet are distinctly different. For example, one of the stages, Globin, has a tile set of Chinese characters. Another stage, Florias, has a tile set of standard shapes, like a square, triangle, or circle. Each color represents a different material, though the shapes may change from level to level.

The music is where this game really shines. Each level has a different feel to it, from the JelJel Hall of Horrors to Anasaze Wild West Cowboy to Cavious Ambient Pipes. Each stage has a completely different music theme, and really makes each stage stand out from others. This game has the best soundtrack in any DS game. It has the most varied, most interesting, and definitely the highest quality sound of any DS game. With a wide range of instruments, this game must be played with headphones to truly experience the whole Meteos experience. With such varied musical numbers, each stage really convinces the player that is a different world you are playing on, rather than just a backdrop set with different tiles to the same old puzzler.
Lasting Replay
The replay value on this game is amazing, only because it is a puzzle game. It will take an average gamer about 20 horus or so to unlock every planet, but the real fun comes to trying to beat your high score and comparing your high score with your friends. Another big part of this game would also be the multiplayer sessions, which allow for one DS to host up to 4 DSes with a single card, allowing you to play with others who do not have Meteos.

This puzzle game is one of the original puzzle games designed specifically with the DS in mind. This could not be done on any other handheld. Combined with the excellent soundtrack, this makes Meteos the best original puzzle game for the DS. The storyline of a planet trying to destroy your planet by burying it with blocks is pure genius and the gameplay is addictive. Overall, this game is definitely one of the highest rated games on the DS.



Gameplay - 9/10
Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 10/10
Lasting Replay - 9/10
Overall - 9/10 (Not an average)
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