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    Jun 2, 2003
    This one is a cool game. And I mean cool.

    First off, this is an RPG for GBA, about Mario and his gang! Some evil-doers from Beanbean kingdom stole Peach's voice! And it has been replaced with explosive icons. (You know the ones in comic books that commonly replacee cuss words?)

    This game is pretty much comical. The beginning, where Toad runs off to Mario's house to ask for his help, he's taking a bath, but Toad makes some noises and Mario walks off the bath. Toad tells him what has happened, and without worrying about walking out nearly naked, Mario dashes off to help her, but he ends up dragging Luigi (literally) who was tying Mario's clothes outside (is that right?).

    Gameplay is very good. Outside battle, you can use jumping to reach higher areas, and each brother has a different power when they obtain items like the hammer, and (spoilers). You have to switch the front brother frequently to reach all the possible areas. In fact, where there is a water thingy, if you have Luigi in front, he'll fill up in water and squirt it off. But Mario holds this water. Together with Luigi's jumping abilities, this turns Mario into an emergency water-gun! Somewhat short range, though.

    In battle, there are some action commands. When enemies attack, for example, you can either do a hammer swing or jump. If you time it right, when you jump, you will bump on the enemies' head. Don't do it if the enemy has spikes or fire over it! When you attack, if you press the button at the right time, the attack will be stronger (or hit twice in case of jump). With A, you control Mario, with B, you control Luigi. Which means that while you're choosing Mario's command, if you press B, Luigi jumps in place. I don't know if this has any use at all.

    The Bros. attacks are what is the coolest in this game. There are 3 difficulties to the bros. attacks. You choose them with L and R. If you choose the easiest difficulty, the attack will cost more Flower Points, but there'll be graphical indications and slowdowns when you're supposed to press a button. After you've used the attack some times, it'll become advanced (a on-screen indication will tell you that). If I can remember correctly, this changes the way the attacks end, maybe adding a loop in the end (If you're a great timer, you can attack the enemy repeatedly and repeatedly). But it's somewhat hard to pull it off.

    Graphics and sounds. This is the part that most of you people worry about, but no worries. The game has somewhat good graphics (You'd expect that from a GBA game), with Mario and Luigi having lots of different emotions. The sound is good too. All the mario RPG games had a catchy battle music, and this one is no exception. But for some reason it reminds me of soccer [​IMG]

    If this needs numerical values, have at thee!

    Gameplay: 8/10 Somewhat clumsy to use at times.

    Graphics: 9/10 All you'd expect from a comical game.

    Audio: 8/10 Just fine. The voices aren't all that bad.

    Story: 8/10 Princess having voice replaced? That's a new one.

    Replayability: 4/10 Once you complete the game, there's not anything else to do. A shame, I'd say.

    Overall: 8/10 All in all, if you like RPGs, you should try it out.

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