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    Jul 9, 2006
    Kirby: Canvas Curse Review
    By: Bernie Yee


    1. Introduction / Story
    2. Gameplay
    3. Graphics and Sound
    4. Replay
    5. Conclusion

    Introduction / Story
    One of the most noticeable Nintendo-related characters has always been the pink hero that goes by the name of Kirby. One feature that makes this character so unique is its ability to suck enemies, food, etc, and take on their special moves. Imagine being Kirby and sucking a wheel and then being able to move as a fast as a speedy wheel!

    Kirby is just hanging out in Dream Land when a witch suddenly appears and turns all of Dream Land into a painting. Kirby is also affected in this surprising event by being turned into a ball. Not able to do anything, he starts looking around and sees a magical paintbrush. Now it’s your job to help Kirby save Dream Land!


    Gameplay – 10
    Kirby: Canvas Curse is an entirely different game gameplay-wise compared to the other ones on the SNES, GBA, etc. The entire game is stylus, so be sure to have 2 handy incase you lose one!

    Throughout the entire game, Kirby only rolls around due to him being hexed and turned into a ball. Well how do we move Kirby you ask, and that’s simple! You control Kirby with your stylus! To make him move faster, you can just do a simple tap on Kirby and he’ll start to accelerate like a car. But there’s also another problem you say. How do we make Kirby jump and go up levels? Just draw lines for him to move on like an escalator! I really liked how the developers of this game had that feature, I really liked it. To beat enemies, you simply tap them once to stun them, and then you can wait for Kirby to roll them into flattened road.

    There are 3 modes in Kirby: Canvas Curse, main game, rainbow run, and sub-games.

    The main game is pretty self-explanatory and consists of 8 worlds that also consists of 3 sub-stages. Your objective in main game is to reach the end of each sub-stage to continue progressing through the story.

    Within rainbow run, there are 2 modes, time trial and line trial. In time trial, you are to get to the finish line as fast as possible and in line trial; it’s the same deal except you try to use the least ink as possible.

    Sub-games are basically the mini-games you played when you were at the bosses. Beat a boss twice and you unlock their sub-game!


    Graphics and Sound - 10
    The graphics are absolutely gorgeous. They’re 2D and are very smooth, no jagged edges, etc. The colors shine and stand out, especially on a DS Lite due to the brighter screens. Even the lines you draw are beautiful rainbows and everything looks outstanding.

    The tunes in this game are very upbeat and gives you a good happy feeling. Lots of them are pretty catchy too and makes you want to blast your DS’ speakers at all times!

    Replay – 8
    One thing Kirby: Canvas Curse is lacking is the multiplayer function, but in my opinion, it’s only a minor flaw as the single player mode is already loads of fun.

    You can also unlock more characters to play as once you beat the game and there are quite a bunch of them too!


    This game is definitely great and uses all the available DS features very well. The controls are extremely innovative and the game is a must for all DS and/or Kirby lovers. There’s no way you cannot have fun with this game, I guarantee it!

    FINAL SCORE = 9.5/10

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