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    Dec 30, 2005
    Kirby: Canvas Curse is not one of most popular games on the DS, yet it's one of the best and with this review I will explain why it is such a great game that should have been more recognised by DS fans.
    First thing that's important to notice is Kirby CC is a platform game, but not like anything before it because it's one of the few games that truly uses the touch screen. In fact you control Kirby using the touch screen.

    So, let's start with the gameplay mechanics. Like I said this is a platform game, but you won't control kirby directly, instead using the stylus the player draws lines which kirby will follow. This seems simple but it's very well done, you're in complete control drawing platforms to avoid holes, touching the enemies to stun them, drawing walls to protect kirby and all creating all sorts of pathways to overcome the levels' various difficulties. Back again are the numerous powerups that Kirby gains, this time, by rolling into stunned enemies. You'll turn into a rocket, a stone, spikes, the usual array. The levels are divided and into three segments and are usually long and as you progress they get noticeably more difficult. Each level has three bronze coins you'll have to find to unlock extra content such as new game modes and new powerups. There is lots to keep coming back to this entertaining game. Even when you finish the game, there are new challenges in the Time trial and Line trial modes.
    This kind of gameplay this game offers is not what platforming fans are used to, but that's the good part as you'll have to adapt to a new control scheme where antecipation is key to success.

    Graphically, the game is very good, the levels as usual have different themes like the traditional, green, ice and volcanic abundant levels, but the art in this game is very interesting having a style of it's own, very colourful, detailed and original. The characters have smooth animations. It sure is a pretty game.
    The sound is well suited to the game, Kirby fans will recognise the usual sound effects and the tpical happy music. Nothing brilliant but easy to ear.

    In short Kirby Canvas Curse is one of the best if not the best platformer on the DS, brilliant graphics, content, original gameplay, good value for money. In fact the only evident problems in the game are the fact that it's singleplayer only and sometimes it gets a bit repetitive. But there is loads of fun to have with the title.

    Rating 9/10

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