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    Nov 22, 2003
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    Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

    Kirby stars in his first original GBA platformer (Nightmare in Dream Land is an NES port), and does not disappoint at all. The whole game is a light, whimsical game, based on a pink cream puff. And now he has three friends coming to help. Think Four Swords, except now, you have Kirbies. And they are controlled by computers and programmed to kick ass. But, before I go any further, lemme just say that there is no story. …Ok, there is, but it’s really simple, and should not be a focus of attention. Bad guy finds mirror, smashes it into bits, and Kirby is split into 4 different Kirbies to save the world, there it is. Not much else is explained, and it’s kinda hard to considering Kirby can’t talk.

    The gameplay is simple Kirby stuff. You can control him by jumping, floating, and sucking stuff up, like enemies. You collect special powers and you use them to unlock different parts of stages, like using fire to light a fuse for a cannon or a hammer to knock a stake in the ground. But, here’s the worst part. You have the hammer, and the stake you have to pound in order to unlock new stages is later on in the level, so no problem, you just get to the end of the level and smash that stake. However, if you get hit, you lose your power. You could also go down a different path, and end up having to replay the same level you were on, just to get to the end. It makes for “replay”, but it’s not too bad, considering the gameplay is fun. The newest function in the game is the cell phone, where you can call in your alter ego Kirbies to come join you in your current screen. They are useful for beating up enemies, holding switches, and basically holding their own. They are your on screen pals and tend to kick the living crap out of everybody. Of course, they can only be called three times in a level, because your cell phone has a battery, a clever way of limiting your super friends from visiting. One cool function is the multiplayer, where your friends can explore the game in different levels, and you can call them into your screen using a cell phone, which makes for a loose, yet still communicative and bounded multiplayer experience.

    The graphics, like most Kirby games, are colorful, and as some say, “kiddy”. It’s bright, and just as usual of Nintendo, cute and bright and full of vibrant colors. This is standard Nintendo fare on the GBA, with simplified graphics and cute visuals.

    The sound is almost the same as Nightmare in Dreamland. It’s basically more of the same, original Kirby themes, nothing new in this field and nothing worth noting. It isn’t great, it isn’t horrible, it’s just plain Jane vanilla.

    Replay Value
    The replay value of this game is not that great. After you beat it once, you’ll be hard pressed to go back and discover every level again and to go find each single mirror shard again. The only thing this game has going for it in terms of replay value is multiplayer, where you can share the experience with three other friends, and it’s actually quite fun.

    Kirby fans, expect more of the same. The quality is just as good as Nightmare in Dreamland, except now with a Four Swords twist. It makes for an excellent multiplayer game, and it still has a great gameplay factor added to it. Any platforming fan should at least play this game once, it’s just good old fashioned Kirby fun.


    Gameplay - 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10
    Sound - 8/10
    Lasting Replay - 7/10
    Overall - 8/10 (Not an average)

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