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    Feb 10, 2006
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    Pleasant Chaining Puzzle TRION CUBE

    The princess is kidnapped by the Uchuu Kaijuu (Space Monster)! Command your spaceship and rescue her!
    Yep, that's it for the story. Eventhough it has a Story Mode, this IS a puzzle game so it's really basic. You'll adventure through space, chasing after the princess and also encountering a rival pilot. With no Japanese knowledge, you can follow the story through the semi-animated story sequences between missions since it's very basic and self explanatory. (7/10)

    It's awesome just like Tetris and gets you hooked fast. Simplicity and fun are both the really big factors for puzzle games and this one has both. Pulling off the big chains always gives a smile to my face. My only comment is that alot of the stages are really easy, though you can always try and challenge yourself to get better on the missions and get that gold trophy. (9/10)

    Many will be turned off by the kiddy graphics and simple designs. There are simple animations during gameplay on the top screen but you'll most likely ignore it with all the action going on the touch screen. Still, they're kinda cute and I think this is targetted at kids anyway. (7/10)

    I can't say much for the sounds really as I find the background music pretty repetetive. The sound effects can be fun at first but it will also be repetetive soon. Good thing, you can unlock gifts to change the effects whenever you chain blocks which are funny. (5/10)

    Replay Value:

    After finishing the story mode, there are still a handful of things (backgrounds/sound effects) to buy and unlock everytime you play, there's the Endless Mode to try and beat, there's Battle Mode that you can try even without a friend. Also, you can try and replay the missions to get a better trophy. (8/10)

    Overall: 7.5/10

    It can be called Tetris for Kids or something, but Trion Cube has it's own fun stuff.


    How to Play:

    The object is basically making 3x3 squares from the 5 different block types to make your spaceship move towards the goal. However, if you keep on chaining more 3x3 squares (combo-ing them in a sense), it makes your spaceship run faster. The more the screen is filled with the 3x3s, the more coins you get until your combo ends.
    You control the blocks like just like Tetris, you can move them with the D-pad and rotate them counter-clockwise with the B button and clockwise with the A button.
    If you want to try out the gameplay for yourself, just go to this link.
    (Requires the latest Adobe Flash Player)

    Menu Translation:

    ???????? - Prologue Mode
    - Clear the 8 levels and defeat the boss at the end!
    ???????? - Story Mode
    - Beat all 45+ missions and rescue the princess!
    ???????? - Endless Mode
    - Try and reach Level 99!
    ??????? - Battle/War (Taisen) Mode
    - Fight a friend or the CPU, the first to reach the goal is the winner!
    - - ???? ?? - Wait (Host Multi-card Play)
    - - ???? ??? - Search (Join Multi-card Play)
    - - ???????? - Delivery Battle (Single-card Play)
    - - ???????? - Computer (Battle CPU)
    (Notes: Whenever you make a chain, black blocks drop on your enemy and vice versa. Be careful though as you enemy can try and chain off these blocks too!)

    ????? - How to Play
    - A tutorial mode, teaching you the rules and basic gameplay.

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