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    Dec 2, 2004
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    Well, on with the case reviews. Today I will review the Leather DS Lite Keys Factory Case. I got this one off ebay for pretty cheap, around 12.00 USD with shipping. Mine did not come with any packaging, but by using this website that GBAtemp user Scrawl posted I was able to determine that my case is genuine, (and it does not smell)


    Sad to say that despite the well crafted leather of this case, the features are lacking. It holds a DS lite, it velcos closed, and it could be used as a key chain if you wanted. It comes with a DS Lite strap, which is great because the US DS Lites did not come with one, and Nintendo stole my thumb strap from my Phat DS when I sent it in for a pixel fix.

    The DS Lite is well protected in this case. It fits very snug, and It looks "professional", by this I mean you probably could take it to the office and people would think its a PDA or some other work type of electronic. There are black elastic straps on either side which keep your DS Lite in place, and it closes with a velcro latch on the top that is a nice size it stays together well.


    I have to say this is a nice case, it does not have a place to hold anything other than a DS Lite, but Keys Factory makes a nice DS game holder to go with this case. You can get it in different colors so you do not have to be stuck with white. I would have liked to see a pocket on the front that holds one or two extra ds games, and maybe a side extra stylus holder. I think if you dont switch games out very often, this would be a great case to get.

    -nice leather
    -modern looking, great style
    -comes with a DS Lite strap.
    -Great price on ebay

    -does not hold anything other than the system
    -beware of fake cases, make sure you have a trusted buyer
    -some have claimed that the leather smells bad, mine does not, but this would be a huge con if it did
    -I have read that other color cases, the dye may rub off onto your DS, esp if its fake.

    (Score 6/10)

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