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    Oct 5, 2004
    Garfield 2 (A tail of two kitties)

    One of the better Garfield platform games.


    Garfield wakes up in his hotel room. Who is making all that noise? Someone shoves a letter under the door. The letter says: “Dear Garfield, I would like to invite you for a royal dinner in three hours at my castle. Yours sincerely, Prince.”

    Garfield now has three hours to rush to the castle for the royal dinner and this is where the game starts. I think that in order to understand the full story you’d have to watch the movie but the game gives you a big idea of what’s going on…



    At a first glance, Garfield 2 looks just like another platform game based on the movie. And of course that’s true… partially. You run around with Garfield jumping from platform to platform. While jumping you can collect snacks, the more snacks you collect the more you can complete your ending score. Once you get all of the snacks in a level then you’ll get a “perfect”. I haven’t noticed it doing anything so I guess it’s only there to see in what levels you haven’t collected all the snacks yet.

    There is a nice level of variety in the levels. You start outside of the hotel crossing some busy streets at which you have to pay attention not to get run over by cars. Some other parts of the game take place in a forest, a huge tree, the underground… Garfield has nine lives to get through each level, which are more then enough. You'll probably start to rely more on them once you advance towards the end of the game.

    The controls are easy but effective. You use the D-pad to guide Garfield through the levels and the a button to jump. You always have the feeling that you fully control Garfield while jumping and landing, which is nice because some jumps really require your full concentration and skill.

    There are some small but enjoyable details in Garfield 2. For example, when you blow into the microphone Garfield starts to miauw, this way you can scare pigeons and bats.

    One of the bad points in Garfield 2 is the loading times. Every time you want to play a new level, a loading screen pops up and you’ll have to stare at it for 10-20 seconds, depending on the size of the level.

    In general the game is quite easy and not very long but it’s still enjoyable.



    The game looks nice for being a “platform game based on the movie” game. The textures look clean and colourful and the levels are designed with a good touch. The game is in 3D for the biggest part with the exception of some things like a laundry line with clothes and some other things. Garfield is a little hard to recognise since they also used a 3D model that looks like it’s been scaled down. The game plays smooth in general but can have some occasional slowdowns while running through a busy part in a level.

    The parts in which you have to check the screen for clues looks totally different from the main game. This is a little disappointing since the searching for clues take about 10 seconds…

    The game also has some good effects like steam running through vents and the playful camera in cutscenes. There isn’t much to talk about the graphics; you’ll just have to see it with your own two eyes.


    “Meh” comes to my mind when I think about it. The sounds are mediocre at best and the music is the worst. It doesn’t sound good and it’s repetitive… playing with the sound off is advised but that makes it less interesting of course.



    You can do the effort to replay the game to collect all the snacks or to play timed mode but it isn’t fun when you already know what is going to happen. Mini games should have been a nice addition to the game.


    Garfield 2 is a solid platformer which is very enjoyable when you play and finish it for the first times… don’t play it a second time though.

    Presentation: 7/10
    Gameplay: 7,5/10
    Graphics: 8/10
    Sound: 4/10
    Replay Value: 3/10

    Total: 7/10

    Written by teh_raf3

    Garfield 2 website:

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